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In Google Earth you can see you house in stunning high-resolution if caught in Street View but it's still a 2-D image. The satellite/aerial view is also just a photographic image so that is also 2-D.

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Q: On Google Earth can you see your house in 3d?
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What is the name of Google Earth 3D?

google earth 3d is called google earth 5.0

Do you have to download the Google Earth application or can you see Google Earth online?

You have to download the application in order to view a full 3D world.

Why can't you see 3D buildings in Google Earth?

You have the 3D Buildings layer turned off. Go to the Layers tab and turn it on.

How do you get a 3d view on Google Earth?

Google Earth has a 3D buildings layer (including 3-D trees as of Google Earth v6.0) that you can turn on in the Layers panel. If for example you visit Mt. Everest and terrain apears flat then open the Tools/Options/3D View panel and verify 'Show Terrain' option is checked. Google Maps has a 3D stereo view for "real" 3D using the standard red/green 3D glasses. There are some third-party options to do this with Google Earth. See related questions and links below for more details.

What do you type in to Google Earth to find the Titanic?

"The Titanic." If you zoom in on that area, you can actually see a 3D model of the wreckage.

What is Google earth and what can it be used for?

Google Eath is a virtual map, available through Google, created by a Keyhole, Inc. It can be used to see satelite images of cities, streets, etc. It gives you ability to see items in 3D. It can be used as a tool to research the possible house for purchase, or check on the stage of contruction, for example.

Why is there a 3D option for Google Maps but not Google Earth?

From Street View in Google Maps while viewing a panorama pressing the letter "t" or the number "3" enables 3D mode.This feature, however, is not yet implemented in Google Earth simply because Google decided to first implement the stereoscopic 3D feature in Google Maps presumably because there is a lot more users of Google Maps than Google Earth. With enough demand the Google Earth developers may add this to a future version of Google Earth.

What is special about Google Planet?

Google Planet or Google Earth is an interactive 3d map of the earth accessible as a website or standalone application. It is interactive and allows for models of buildings and cities to be inserted on the 3d globe with other programs.

How do you download new features for Google Earth?

There are countless sources of data to view in Google Earth. Best bet to going to the Google Earth Gallery, Google Earth Blog, or Google Earth Hacks. See everything from real-time earthquake feeds to tips using GE in stereo 3D. However, if you're interesting in customizing google earth in how it interacts with the user and data then try looking into the Google Earth API, which is a JavaScript API for Google Earth as a web-browser plugin. See related links section below.

What is Earth View?

Earth view is a feature in Google Maps (available since 2010) that allows you to see the same high-resolution imagery, terrain, and 3D buildings that are available in the desktop version of Google Earth.Earth view mode in Google Maps is only available to those that have installed Google Earth. It uses the Google Earth plugin in your web browser.

How do you see a view from google earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004 (see In-Q-Tel). It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. It was available under three different licenses, two currently: Google Earth, a free version with limited function -

How do you see 3D buildings on Google Earth?

You select the 3D Buildings layer in the Layers panel on the left. If Layers panel is not shown then check the Sidebar option in the View menu.

What program do you use to view live and 3D streets any where in the world?

Try downloading Google earth. Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to show the world's geographic information.

How do you make a 3d world?

I've got 4 words for you GOOGLE EARTH/GOOGLE SKETCHUP

What services are provided by Google Earth Australia?

Google Earth Australia provides satellite images for all of Australia to help view landscape and terrains. Google Earth also provides a unique 3D experience.

How was Google Earth started?

Google Earth started as an application called EarthViewer 3D owned by a company called Keyhole, which was acquired by Google in 2004. Google Earth 3.0 was the first public release on June 28, 2005.

How do you make a 3D building on Google Earth?

You need to download Google Sketchup. Everything you need to know about making 3d buildings can be found on the website.

How do you draw a 3d house?

-Google SketchUp is the best program I've seen for 3D drawing on the PC -As for hand drawing, Isometric drawings are the easiest to represent a 3D house :D

Why is Rome 3D different from previous google earth projects?

This is first time Google has published a 3D model of an ancient city that is viewable in Google Earth. Google is spending significant resources on reconstructing the ancient cities of Rome in 320 AD. The importance of this as a showcase demonstrates new capabilities of not only seeing the world the way it is but the way it was. Google is creating a tool to explore the world in new ways.The new layer has over 6000 3D buildings and an extra feature in the 3D city is that 11 buildings have viewable interiorssuch as the Colosseum. Most Google Earth 3D buildings only have the exterior with a texture overlay.

Can you view Google Earth without a graphic card in your computer?

Google Earth requires a 3D capable graphics card with DirectX9 or OpenGL with 64MB of VRAM. Google Earth simply won't work without a graphics card.

Who originally created the Google Earth service?

Google Earth was originally created by Keyhole, Inc when it was still called EarthViewer 3D . Keyhole, Inc was originally funded by the CIA but Google bought them in 2004.

How do you make Google Maps 3d?

In the new Google Maps there is an "earth" mode which shows satellite imagery and terrain which gives a 3-D like view of the earth. The Earth icon can be seen in the lower-left of the map if available.To see 3D photos in "classic" Google Maps, you will need a pair of old-fashioned red/cyan glasses, bring up Street View in Google Maps by dragging the orange Pegman onto the map. Right-mouse click on the map then select ''3D mode on" option (or press '3' key) to turn on/off 3D mode.This feature seems to be available anywhere in the world where Google currently offers Street View, but this is not currently available in the "new" Google Maps.

Do you need to pay to install 3d google earth plug in?

Yes, you have to pay unless you can hack

What can one see on Google Earth?

On Google Eath, an individual can zoom from a 3D view of the entire Earth to an aerial view of their country or city, even their street. You can see captured realistic detail of towns and cities. Furthermore you can use it to switch to Street View, which gives you enhanced view from where you would stand. An individual would be able to see detail not available on generic Maps.

Can Google Earth see Bin Laden?

Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan has been confirmed and its location has been posted to several Google Earth forums. While Google Earth had imagery for that area from 2005, GeoEye has made available imagery that was taken the very next day (May 2, 2011). Usually imagery takes many months before new imagery comes online.DigitalGlobe has also posted imagery for that area from earlier in 2011. This imagery can be viewed via DigitalGlobe's Flickr account, or by loading a KML file posted at ogle earth. Later that week, Google quickly released high-quality imagery for this area from May 2010. Also, several 3D models of the compound were made available in the Google 3D Warehouse and one was selected in Google Earth - need 3D Buildings layer checked to see it.See related links below.