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On Knight Rider KITT was a?


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A Pontiac Firebird not a Trans-Am

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In the 1980s version of Knight Rider, the car's name is KITT - Knight Industries 2000 In the 2008 remake of Knight Rider, the car's name is KITT - Knight Industries 3000

KITT stands for "Knight Industries Two Thousand" in the TV series and movie "Knight Rider".

2008 KITT was a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.

The original KITT is a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am.

The Car Kitt was a Ford (Model) Mustang Shelby Cobra

KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand

In Knight Rider, the car (named Kitt) is a customized Pontiac Trans-Am that did cost $100,000 to build.

The voice actor behind KITT is former SAG-president William Daniels.

It's a 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra.

KITT, or Knight Industries Two Thousand, was the name of the car in the television series Knight Rider. KITT first appeared on TV on the premier episode which aired in the United States on September 26, 1982.

If you're asking about "KITT", you can find toy cars on

yas knight rider is sweet because the mustang aka kitt turn's into all different things if you think I'm lieing watch it on Wednesday at 8 and the car name is kitt but karr is the thing before kitt that david hasslehoff (may not be spelled right) drove but any who it's sweet

Probably Bart Simpson - The Knight Rider series is rarely seen on TV these days.

William Daniels voiced KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) .

William Daniels- 1980's TV series and sequel TV movie "Knight Rider 2000" Val Kilmer- 2008/2009 TV series

You may need a mod, rather than a cheat, for KITT from Knight Rider. A mod would need a PC though. If interested, perhaps check the modfication section of gta

Original series with "David Hasselhoff" was a modified 3rd generation Trans Am New Series was a Ford Shelby GT500KR

Kitt was: 2009 Mustang Shelby GT (2008) The old one was an 82 Trans-Am. (1982) It was customized for the show at a price of $100,000.

There is going to be a new knight rider series. (Knight Rider 2008)

1980's TV series- Michael Knight (formerly Michael Arthur Long) played by David Hasselhoff 2008/2009 TV series- Mike Traceur (son of Michael Knight) played by Justin Bruening

Michael Knight - Knight Rider - was created in 1982.

hey it kitt one but there was karr that david hasselhoff drove he was lake a transformer karr was, but one of the episods karr came bach when the doc died KITT dismantled all his parts is that good enough for ya

Little League The original car KITT from "Knight Rider" makes an appearance in the movie "The Benchwarmers".

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