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You can have as many compiled kernels in your Linux installation as you want (disk space is your limit). However, you can only boot one kernel at a time.

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Q: On Linux how many kernels you can compile at the same time and how many kernels you can load in Linux?
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What is Linux kernel 2.6 and today's applications on it?

The 2.6 kernel is the latest series of LInux kernels. There are far too many programs that run on Linux to list them all.

Do you have to compile Linux software before using it?

You can if you really want to! But, most Linux software is already compiled and ready to be downloaded and installed. Note that Linux is the kernel from which many distributions (distos) branch out - Ubuntu, Linux Mint are but two examples.

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You can have any number of Apache2 instances between 1 and 200,000 servers. This can be changed at compile-time, though.

How many partitions can be created in Linux?

This depends on the age of the kernel being used, the type of drive, and the software used to partition the drive. Older Linux systems had a limit of 63 partitions for IDE drives and 15 for SCSI. Kernels before around that used libATA limited all drives to 15 partitions. Experimentation with more recent kernels indicates a limit around 130 partitions per drive. Many partitioning programs available for Linux are still limited to 63 partitions or less.

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