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Mewtwo, yes, if you have a FireRed or LeafGreen with Mewtwo.


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You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.

You have to trade it from RBY

i never played Pokemon fire red but the rarest Pokemon IN fire red is obviously mew ... who ever wrote that is an idiot ... the rarest Pokemon is mewtwo ... mew can not be obtained in fire red ... and you get mew two by getting the ruby and Sapphire and then you go to cerlean cave to get mew two after u have completed the E4 and have gotten the ruby and Sapphire ... i hoped i helped

train your Pokemon or battle and trade with freinds.

You'll need Pokemon ruby. If you mean ruby to sapphire, then you'll need both games, two gba's, and a link cable.

Mew two is a Pokemon from the series "Pokemon."

You can't. You will have to either a) Migrate from Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Fire red or leaf green or b) Hack or trade with someone who has done so. B)

You can't get mew and mew2 on ruby. You can get them on leaf green. In ruby you can get rayqazza and groudon. i think you can get mews data in your pokedex to trade trhough the old sea map and be able to request it on trades you'll need a wireless adapter though ;P

To trade from ruby to sapphire, you need two gameboys and a link cable. then you go upstairs in a pokemon center, save the game, ( the person makes you) and trade.

There is only two ways to obtain Mew in Pokemon Fire red. 1. Use a cheatcode 2. Trade Mew from the Pokemon game called Emerald.

how to find mew and mew twoall you need to do is get gba Pokemon which mew will be in that is howI got mew and mew twoif you've got Pokemon diamond and pearl and platinum you can go to the wi fi connection place (providing you have wi fi) and you can look to trade one of your Pokemon for a mew or mewtwo PS most people have them threw cheats so don't put a really good Pokemon up for trade straight away because they go quite easily

You'll need to trade for it. What I did was used the GameShark instead.

I don't think you can catch MEW without a action replay. But you can catch MEW2 in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. You CAN'T cach mew without an action replay, but you can trade mew-two from the other games to the newer ones

All Pokemon list require a trade or you to import via Pal Park. As none are wild in Pokemon Diamond.

if you have Pokemon sapphire or ruby then you can trade the other two over to emerald

There are only two ways to get a mew on Pokemon Black and White. One is through a Poke Transfer, and another is through trade.

You cannot find Dratini in Pokemon Ruby, but you may trade something for it from either of the previous two Generations. - Badminton

if i remember correctly (and i think i do!) mew can learn any TM or hm :)

You have to have two Game Boy Advances to trade with emerald and ruby and a GBA to GBA link cable, another way to trade is if you use a GCN (gamecube) to GBA cable and you use Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness to trade emerald or ruby Pokemon to there then use colosseum or xd gale of darkness to trade your emerald or ruby Pokemon to the other game either ruby or emerald. Theres no way you can use a DS to trade with GBA games because the DS is not compatible with the GBA link cable.

You have to help celio with his machine on island one by finding him two gems, a ruby and a sapphire. There are guides to how to get them on the Internet. Then you can trade over from Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald :)

you have to migrate it or have some one with soul silver or heart gold trade it to you

Mew cannot be caught in HeartGold. Mew cannot be caught in SoulSilver, either. The only two ways you can get Mew are by trading for it or by getting one through a Nintendo event. It will be easier if you trade for one.

It is actually possible for there to be a trade between Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby. Though, there is just a weird glitch that is unidentified where two users cannot trade pokemon. It is an unidentified glitch, so there isn't a resolution to the problem. You just have to deal without trading between the two games.

You can't catch it at Pokemon Pearl, you'll have to Transfer it from LeafGreen/FireRed or trade it with SoulSilver/HeartGold

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