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There are four sanity levels red,green,brown and silver

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Your Sims Kingdom for the Nintendo DS?

I love the Sims kingdom too and all you have to do is follow what you have to do in your missions

How do you unlock all the stuff on sims bustin out?

You have to do all the tasks that all levels ask for.

Where do I get all the stars in super Mario 64 Nintendo?

In all the levels, and in the castle hidden.

Is sims 2 on Nintendo DS the same as on PC or PSP?

no they are all slightly different

If you have finished all levels on Club Penguin on Nintendo Ds what now?

Do what you wanna do.

What is the relationship levels in the Sims on facebook?

Going all the way over and over again

How do you get abducted by aliens on sims?

if you lose all of your sanity on Sims then an alien will come and abduct you or a man with a bag or something else will come and get you. all you have to do is buy an expensive telescope then at exactly 7:00 at night stargaze for a long time and you have a 50 50 chance of getting abducted

Where do you get a sun stone in ruby?

you have to complete all of the levelsi just got a ICheat of the Nintendo store

Cheat for Full health for the sims 2?

First of all, Its the sims sanity level, not there health. Gameboy-None Nintendo DS-None Psp- Perk Cheat In the Buy Perks screen in the info menu hold L + R + Square simultaneously. A cheat perk will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. If you buy it you will get a money boost, add some skills, clean your urgencies and completely fill your Sanity level. Hold R + L + Square Ps2-None Xbox (original)-None Gamecube-None Pc-None Hope this helped! :)(:

How do you save all the people in SpongeBob Drawn to Life for Nintendo DS?

To save all of the people in SpongeBob Drawn to Life for Nintendo DS, you have to complete all of the levels and smash the crates in each level to get the people.

How do you max all skills on the sims 1?

You either go the hard way, and let your Sims do lots of boring reading, chess playing etc, or you get a cheat object, such as the Magic Vase, or a Sims program, where you decide your Sims' levels.

How do you get all your sims in one house?

You can't do that on any my sims game, whether it's on the computer, nintendo ds or the wii. I've tried heaps of times and it's never worked for me then my friend told me that you actually can't get all if the sims in the one house. SORRY!

What are the names of the Sims ds games in which you can have kids?

you cant have kids on any of the Sims Nintendo games i know its really not at all that fun without being able to raise kids in the game but you can still get a sims computer game and have kids

How do you rotate items in Sims 3?

To rotate items in the Sims 3 (Nintendo DS), you just press the L or the R button with the item highlighted. I don't play the Sims 3 on other consoles, though, so this is all I know.

Can you have a baby on the Sims 3 for the wii?

Yes. The Sims(TM) 3 for Wii is the complete same as the PC game The Sims(TM) 3 you can do all the things you do on the PC game The Sims(TM) 3 . Unlike the Nintendo(TM) DS gameThe Sims(TM) 3 Which you can not have babys be naked or anything like that.

How do you have babies on sims3 Nintendo DS?

Unfortunately you cannot have babies on The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSI or Nintendo 3DS. On The Sims 3 for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and PSP, you can have babies or adopt, but not on the DS version of the game, sadly. I do agree that it is a slight waste of money, because what a lot of people buy the game for is so that they can make their sim start a family and have the challenge of taking care of virtual babies/children/teens. I hope that this answer has helped you, because that is all there is to it.

What do you get if you get all 24 license plates in the sims 2 game for Nintendo ds?

If you get all 24 lisense plates you win a car but you cant go far in it !

Is there a fifth island on sims 2 castaway?

well i have found all of my mates and done all my goals and there is a 5th place but to unlock it do all levels

Why are all Sims 2 E for Everyone Nintendo DS?

The Sims 2 games for the Nintendo DS do not involve any situations that may rated T for Teen (inappropriate content) or Pegi 12. The Sims 2 games for the DS are clean and do not involve action that may be unsuitable for younger children. However, The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Pets both have a rating of 7+s so they are not an E for Everyone. The closest EA has in their Sims 2 series of games for the DS is Apartment Pets; rated 3+.

Dk64 how do you get the Nintendo coin?

If you beat all four levels in the Donkey Kong arcade game in Frantic Factory, you'll get a golden banana. Beat it again to get the Nintendo coin.

Where is Ra's Al Ghul on Lego Batman for the Nintendo DSi?

if you finish all the levels when your a super hero you get to do villan levels and you can pick ra`s al ghul

How do you be a robber in Sims 3?

You join the Criminal Career, and go through all the levels on that career, then you become a robber.

Can you have children in Sims 2 for Nintendo DS cookies pizza cake?

Children in Sims 2no sadly. you can romance but no kids. all you have to do is run a hotel, defeat goons, quell alien invasions etc.

How do you meet Olivia in My Sims for Nintendo DS?

You go to the coner of the store that has all kind of toy and she will be stood there in a night suit. Good luck!

Can you have babies on Sims 3 for Nintendo DS?

Sorry No.I have that game,in fact all the ds games,You cant have babies on ANY Ds games.

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