On Tamagotchi Version 5 what do you do with the ticket?


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go online and connect it to tamagotchieurope.com then go on travel then a place u wanna go cause u have a ticket u can go there cause ur ticket gives u access to the planes


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The tamagotchi v.5 can not be connected with the version 2,3,4,just with the version 5

no. v5 is only with v5. sorry buddy. --mewMew

No. Version 5 only connects with other Version 5s and Version 5.5s.

The Tamagotchi V3 is the oldest version of Tamagotchi. You need the V5 version of Tamagotchi.

Unfortunately, on a Version 5 Tamagotchi, if your Tamagotchi has died you can't get it back. To restart your Tamagotchi Version 5, use a pen or something to press the little button on the back of your Tamagotchi to restart it. Or, if you find it easier, hold down button 'A' and button 'B' (the first button and the last button) at the same time and your Tamagotchi will restart. Hope this helps.

its the first tamagotchi

Version 5 doesn't have username.

Yes, my friend is from Japan and she already has one.

You don't it falls asleep its self

yes. it is the royal famitama version/the celebrity tamagotchi. anonymous

In tamagotchi version 5 there are 6 stages. Egg, baby, toddler/child, teen, adult, and parent.

You go on to tamatown and type in your username that you have on your tamagotchi

http://blog.sanriotown.com/theola:mymelody.com/tamagotchi-version-45-growth-charts/ http://blog.sanriotown.com/theola:mymelody.com/tamagotchi-version-45-growth-charts/

Your tamagotchi can be any age and get a travel ticket. You need to check the shop because that is where you buy the tickets.

You can get money on tamagotchi by playing games. Otherwise, if you have a computer and a tamagotchi version 4, 4.5, 5 or 6 you can go on TAMAGOTCHI TOWN on the Internet, put the password, play games and earn money and log off.

look for the heart in your tamagotchi and go there if you see special click it and put the passwords in.i hope it works

You cannot. The only tamagotchi version that allows you to raise more than one character is the V5 and V5 Celebrity.

You should have one in with the Tamagotchi, of the right version.

Sorry, no. A tamagotchi can only connect with another of its own version. -keen1girl

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