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It sounds like your plug wires are grounded to the engine block. IE.... melted somehwere along the exhaust route and grounded, noticeable when you put it in gear......

I don't think so, i have a 1993 cavalier 2.2L auto, which does the same thing, i put new plug wires on it about a month ago, and it still has the same vibration.

I would check your motor mounts. I had a 90 Sunbird and now have a 91 Cavalier, both of which had this problem. When you pull up to a stop light the whole car vibrates rather aggressively, but is calmed when the car is put into park or neutral. In both cars the motor mounts were bad causing the motor to jostle inside the engine compartment, but when you are actually driving the engine is torqued against the mounts and ceases to rattle. On the 2.2 there are 4 mounts, Right Front (by the engine coolant overflow tank), Right Rear (right above the trans axle), Left Front (looks like a dog bone on the bottom by the radiator) and the transmission mount (on top on the left by the wheel well).

Last night I replaced the right front and right rear and this solved my problem.

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Does a 1997 Chevy cavalier have a neutral safety switch?

All automatic cars have one. A 97 is probably on the transmission where the linkage connects.

Where is Neutral switch located on 1990 cavalier z24 3point 1 automatic?

It is located on top of the transmission where the shift cable attaches to the transmission.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1995 Cavalier?

it is under the dash at the top of the clutch pedalIn an automatic it is attached by bolts on top of the transmission under the hood

My Cavalier will not start in park.If I move the selector to neutral it will start. Could it be a switch?

yes, the shift linkage has a switch to only allow the car to start in either park, or neutral. All automatic transmissions have a neutral safety switch. It is misadjusted or defective.

How do you replace a neutral safety switch 2002 cavalier?

Begin by removing the wiring from the 2002 Chevy Cavalier neutral safety switch. Remove the neutral safety switch retaining screws. Reverse the process to install your new neutral safety switch.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1993 Chevy cavalier?

The neutral safety switch, on your 1993 Chevy Cavalier, is located beneath the shifting column. The switch can be accessed by removing the shifting boot.

How can you get your automatic transmission unstuck in neutural and drive?

my automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. how do you get it into gear

What is a not neutral sentence?

An automatic car should be left in park and not neutral when left beside the road.

Where is clutch switch on a Chevy Tracker automatic?

If it is an automatic it will not have a clutch safety switch it will have a neutral safety switch

Can a human pull a car?

Yes, but you have to have the gear in neutral (for an automatic)

How do you find the neutral safety switch on a Suzuki Sidekick?

the neutral safety switch located on the rightside of the automatic gearbox.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee automatic?

neutral safety switch is on the left side of transmission

How can a person tow a car with an automatic gearbox?

You put the automatic in neutral, or put a dolly under the drive wheels.

What is a starter Ignition Neutral switch?

The neutral start ( or neutral safety ) switch on an automatic transmission allows the vehicle to start only in park or neutral , and also acts as the backup light switch

How do you tow flat 87 Suzuki samuari?

If it has a manual transmission, you simply put it into neutral. If it's a 4x4 and has a manual transfer case, either with a manual or automatic transmission, you simply put that into neutral. If it's a 2wd with an automatic, or a 4wd with an automatic transmission and an electronic transfer case which does not have the option to put the transfer case into neutral, then you have to disconnect the driveshafts.

How do you put gear in neutral 2007 Jeep liberty for flat towing?

If it is 4WD, put put the transfer case in Neutral, leave the automatic in Park or standard trans in gear. If it is 2WD, automatic would have to have driveshaft disconnect, standard trans just put in Neutral.

How do you bypass a neutral safety switch in an automatic 97 Dodge Neon?

can you by pass a safety neutral switch on a 2001 dodge neon

Can you tow an automatic wrangler?

Yes - transmission and transfer case both in neutral.

Where is the neutral switch on a Saturn automatic?

On the transaxle,just follow the shift cable.

Where is the neutral switch on a 2001 cavalier?

Look at lower end of the shifter (may have to remove trim for access)

Should a corsa b automatic 1997 start in neutral as well as in park?

Hi. All automatics will start in neutral as well as park.

Can you flat tow a 1998 cavalier?

Not for an extended distance and make sure the vehicle is in neutral. Even better if the car will run first start it and then tow in neutral. This will save the transmission.

Can you tow a front wheel drive automatic car?

if you can put it in neutral then i dont see why not

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