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I have a 1996 RS and have had this same problem,make sure that when you can get the window to work you put it up and leave it up.Your power window motor is going out and eventually it won't budge at all.Purchase the motor through your local dealership as it will come with the regulator.Changing it yourself can be difficult because of the rivet that holds the regulator in place.If you get someone else to change it it normally runs about $100.00 Dealership price for the motor and regulator is about $100.00 Auto Zone price is about $50.00 and has a lifetime warranty but no regulator.Be prepared though,I have had to have mine changed numerous times and it can get costly,I think it is a small price to pay for the priveledge of owning my car.

I DITTO THE ABOVE ANSWER ABOUT A BAD MOTOR, I JUST WENT THROUGH IT WITH MY NEWLY PURCHASED 99 Z-28. MOTOR WENT OUT A FEW DAYS AFTER I HAD IT, TOOK IT BACK TO WHERE I BOUGHT IT, THEY DETERMINED IT WAS THE MOTOR AND WOULD SPLIT COSTS 50/50, WITH ME PAYING $250!!! AFTER 3 DAYS OF THEM REPLACING THE MOTOR, THE WINDOW AND TINT, BECAUSE THEY SCRATCHED BOTH SOMEHOW. AFTER GETTING IRATE WITH THE SERVICE MANAGER OVER THE PHONE, ASKING WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON WITH MY CAMARO???? THREE DAYS FOR A SIMPLE WINDOW MOTOR. WENT IN TO PICK UP MY CAR AND PAY THE $250 BILL,WENT UP TO THE COUNTER AND MY BILL HAD ALL ZERO'S, DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY. I TOLD THE SERVICE PERSON THAT "I WASN'T LOOKING FOR ZER0'S, I WAS LOOKING FOR SERVICE!!!!! ANYWAY ITS YOUR MOTOR....GOOD LUCK ======================================================= A lot of guys have done this. I've replaced two motors on my Z28's (yes, I have two. A 1994 and a 1996) As the prior reply indicated, just go to Autozone and buy one for around $49. It does indeed have a lifetime warranty. There are numerous writeups on how to do it yourself. It's quite easy. You only need a Phillips screwdriver, a pair of needle nose pliers (to hold the retaining nut), possibly a small crescent wrench and definitely a drill/drillbit (to drill out the factory rivet). The new window motor will come with the small bolt/nut to replace the factory rivet. Just Google to find the writeups on how to do the replacement. Some have EXCELLENT pictures to guide you every step of the way. There are also some relay kits you can buy that will make the window go up and down much more quickly. Those you can probably find on Ebay.


the window motor usually doesn't work off and on sporadically when it dies, it's just an electric motor. pop off the door panel, make sure all of your hinges are greased. check the wiring for water damage and other damage. If that doesn't fix it, THEN check the motor, don't blow money if you don't have to.

It is likely the Relay located inside the door panel.

These cars were designed wrong from the factory. the passengerside motor only gets about 9volts to run a 12 volt motor and that's what kills the motors there is a kit you can buy called 93-02 Firebird/Camaro Auto Trix Passenger Window Fix Kit

Wonder why your passenger window is slow? Your factory wiring is under powering your window motor. This Auto Fix kit will route power from the battery directory to the motor for optimum life and performace.


* Preventive Maintenance

* Fix slow rolling motors

* Prolong window motor life

* Easy 1 hour or less install time

* No need to replace your window motor

* 50% less cost then new window motor

Includes the following:

* 2 relays with connectors

* All necessary wire

* 2 fuses

* 8 buttconnectors

* Inline fuse holder

* 2 ring connectors

* Detailed graphical instructions

i used this and it works great. someone else

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My 98 Camaro/ 3800 did the same thing exactly, first the passenger side window and than about 3 years later on the drivers side. In both cases, when I replaced the motor, the windows worked fine. The car is now 14 years old and in my opinion the motors outlived their life expectancy, nothing keeps running forever.

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Q: On a '98 Camaro Z28 how do you explain the driver side power window goes down about one-third of the way and stops then 15 minutes later it works and after it rests it works a little up and down?
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