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AnswerThe answer below regarding the 3 hard plastic bushings in the gearbox is your answer. When these bushings wear out the motor will turn but the window will not move (although generally the window can be slid up and down by moving it with your hands). I have an '88 fifth avenue and all 4 of my windows had this problem eventually. If you take the window crank motor out and remove the screws holding the gear box to it you will see a plastic gear that is actually an assembly of 2 gears with what used to be bushings (and a bunch of gray grease). You can buy a replacement gear assembly and just pop it right in there; it will come with new bushings. Grease 'er up, reassemble and you're good to go.

I removed the gear from the gearbox, separated the two halves of the 'gear assembly' and used carb cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean the parts up nicely (also cleaned up the gearbox housing its self). Then I used epoxy (the type with 2 syringes siamesed together works perfectly) to turn the gear assembly in to a one-piece gear. I don't really see why they designed it the way they did with bushings between the 2 halves of the gear, but as one piece the gear works beautifully. I used white lithium grease to re-lubricate the assembly and it's been perfect since.

Take care and good luck. Be careful working inside the doors, they like to put nice sharp edges in there. There are 3 little bolts holding the crank motor in the door, and of course a wire harness to unplug.

i currently have a 85 that had the same problem you described, in my case it was 3 hard plastic bushings in the gearbox. worked like new afterwards. AnswerSounds like the glass slipped off the track. Answercould also be that the wire that runs the window up and down the tracks has broken, as in my 1995 Isuzu MU Answerpls see...

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AnswerCould be the motor is loose it's mounting and the gear on the motor is not engaging the gear on the window lift frame. a visual inspection is necessary here.

Could be a lot of things. When I worked At a Chrysler Dealership, we replaced TONS of the motors for stripped gears! Check the regulator to motor gear fit. if the teeth aren't ground off of anything, it's probably in the motor itself.

AnswerElectric windows on Chrysler Corporation vehicles in this era have a few known weaknesses. The three bushings as mentioned in another answer are one, but those usually cause the window to shake on the way down. The nuts that hold the glass to the track can come off their studs, but that normally causes the window to bind on the track, plus the window would not only float up and down but could rotate. The motor itself has two major problems- the gear attached to the motor's output shaft can break as it's plastic on many models, and the motor housing itself can deform, leading to a misalignment of the output shaft and the gear. Usually for the housing to deform it also cracks, and is probably best replaced rather than repaired.

Chrysler power window motors are different side to side, mirror images of each other. almost all of these motors from the seventies until the end of the vintage RWD cars in '89 use the same motors, so there are plenty of source vehicles to choose from, but be warned, depending on application, the motor for your passenger's side window might have been used on a driver's side window on a different model, and vice-versa for the other side. It's probably a good idea if pulling a used part to record the part number of the existing motor or to have a picture of it when seeking a replacement in order to get the right motor.

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Q: On a 1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue if the power window motor works but the window wont crank you can clearly see the the window gear is not trying to move what could be the problem?
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