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Are you talking about the High Beam headlight indicator? That light is telling you your high beam lights are on. try turning off your high beam lights and see if the light goes away. If is stays on but the lights are not on high beam then its just an electrical issue, either pull the bulb out or cover the light with electrical tape if it bothers you!

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What is application of uniform circular motion horizontal circle?

How the weight of the body is balanced in a horizontal circle?

Why does earth move around the sun in horizontal circular path not in vertical circular path?

It depends how you look at it. If you turn your head 90 degrees, you will see a vertical circular path. Note that there is no "up" and "down" in outer space; no preferred direction. The horizontal circular path is the way it is usually presented. This is just a convention.

What name is given to a military cap with circular top and horizontal peak?


What are the types of Business Combination?

horizontal, vertical, lateral, circular, diagonal, territorial, compulsary and voluntary.

What are the three basic kinds of motion?

The three basic kinds of motion are vertical, horizontal, and circular.

What does polarization of light mean?

direction of oscillation of electric field relative to direction of motion:verticalhorizontalcircular clockwisecircular counterclockwiseany combination of above

What are the four main types of movement?

Vertical movement, Horizontal movement, Swinging movement and Circular movement.

If A ball is moving in a circular horizontal path the net force on the ball is in which direction?

perpendicular to the ball's path

When a person throws a stone into water why are circular waves formed rather than transverse waves?

Simple answer:When a stone is thrown into quiet water, the circular waves that are formed are transverse waves. We say the waves are circular because the shape of the wave front is circular and we say it is transverse because the surface disturbance is vertical, perpendicular plane of the surface in which the wave moves.The waves have both properties of being circular and transverse.More Explanation:Transverse waves are waves where the direction of the oscillatory motion is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave.The waves on the surface of water are a vertical motion of the water.The waves on the surface move on the surface, which is horizontal, so the propagation is in the horizontal direction.Horizontal is perpendicular to vertical, so circular water waves as well as linear water waves are transverse. Indeed, no matter what peculiar shape you produce, the water disturbance is vertical and the motion of propagation is restricted to the horizontal surface.

What type of jewelry can you use for hood piercings?

Well for horizontal hood piercings you can use a captive bead ring or circular barbell. For vertical hood the choices are straight barbell, bent barbell, circular barbell or captive bead ring.

Types of business combination?

Types of Business Combination :-It has following four types :1. Vertical Combination.2. Horizontal Combination.3. Circular Combination.4. Diagonal Combination.

Why circular polarisation is not used for mw sdh or mw pdh radio backbone transmission link?

Linear vertical or horizontal polarization is normally used in microwave transmission. Reasons: Circularly polarized antennas are more complex and more expensive, because they are actually double polarized antennas, i.e. a combination of horizontal and vertical polarizations. Rain attenuation is lowest when the polarization is vertical. Therefore longer hops can be built if circular polarization is avoided.

What is an adjective for circle?

circular e.g. a circular table, a circular path

Why did my ept pregnancy test kit came with a horizontal blue line already in the circular window Is this normal i took the test anyway and it was negative wuss up wit that?

It is a wuss amil al

Is projectile motion a circular motion?

No. Neglecting air resistance, the projectile follows a parabola. The horizontal distance is proportional to 'time', and the vertical distance is proportional to 'time squared'. This is exactly the description of a parabola.

What is .000025 circular inches to circular mil?

.000025 circular inches = 25 circular mils

What would a cone look like if it was cut horizontally?

It depends how the cone was standing relative to the horizontal plane of the cut:It will result in:a circle (if the cone is with its circular base in a horizontal plane)a parabola (if the cone is with its circular base is in a vertical plane)an ellipse (if the cone is tilted with its circular base somewhere between a horizontal plane and a vertical plane).

What kind of refernce is a formula that depends on its own value?

A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.A circular reference. It will cause an error.

What is circular motion?

Circular Motion -a motion along a circular path or the motion of an object in a circular Example -blades of a ceiling fan when the fan is switched on. or The motion of body along the circular path is called circular motion

What is the adjective for circular?

Circular is an adjective.

What shape has two circular faces and one curved faceit has two edges and no vertices?

A cylinder, a doughnut with a slice cut out by radial planes, a sphere with two slices removed (possibly in a wedge shape), a cone with its top and bottom cut off by horizontal planes, a paraboloid with top and bottom cut off by horizontal planes.

What is circular organization?

why do you mean circular organization

How do you spell circular in spanish?

The same - circular

Explain whether or not a cylinder has to have a circular base?

a cylinder has to have a circular base because it is a circular prism

How many face do circular have?

It is not possible o answer the question because "circular" is an adjective and you have not specified a circular WHAT!

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