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Possibly a bad alternator (the system is not charging the battery).

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Q: On a 1988 Toyota Camry what does it mean when the brake the charge and the tail light warning lights come on and all your lights dim and if they dont turn off your battery dies?
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Toyota hiace warning lights?

toyota hiace dashboard warning lights code meanings

What do the lights on the dash board mean?

Most of the light on the dashboard are Warning Lights; different warning lights that might flash up on the dashboard. Some of the more common warning lights are shown below. 1 = Oil pressure warning light 2 = Battery charge warning light 3 = Brake system warning light 4 = Engine warning light

What do the warning lights mean on 2003 Ford F-350?

The warning lights in the 2003 F-350 indicate whether or not the airbag is turned on, the oil pressure, and the battery charge. Other warning lights include a hot engine light and a low fuel light.

What do the warning lights on a 1988 Toyota Celica mean?

The warning lights on a 1988 Toyota Celica will usually mean that your engine is needing to be serviced. However, the warning lights can also mean that your brakes need to be serviced or repaired.

Warning lights that appear on the dash of a 1993 Toyota Camry?

There are several warning lights on the dash board of a 1993 Toyota Camry. There is a hot water warning, a low voltage warning, a low fuel warning, and several others.

Toyota warning lights?

There are several reasons why a Toyota's warning lights may come on. The lights may come because there is a problem with the engine, low oil, or even bad brakes.

Warning lights on Toyota Echo 2000?


What would cause a 1989 Toyota Landcruisers brake AND battery warning lights to go off at the same time?

Alternator has/is going bad.

Battery warning light on chrysler 300?

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard. The Battery warning light turns on when there the battery of a car is having a problem.

Where can you find pictures of warning lights fo a Toyota town ace?

It is important to know the meaning of warning lights in a car. The pictures of warning lights are found in the owners manual, repair manuals and online.

How do you reset warning lights 95 Oldsmobile?

The check engine and other dash warning lights can be reset by disconnecting the vehicles battery for more then 5 minutes. If warning light continues after reconnecting battery then there is still a problem.

Why do your Toyota Avalon lights dim and surge?

Perhaps a weak battery? How old is battery?

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