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The torque converter solinoid is the problem. It is not unlocking the converter as the vehicle comes to a stop. Raise the left front of the car(or the whole car, if you have access to a hoist. Remove the left front wheel. Look in and you will see the valve body cover of the transmission. It is held in place by ten or twelve bolts. A 13mm 3/8 drive socket, an extention and ratchet is needed to remove the cover. A small amount of Transmission Fluid may leak out. When the cover is removed you will see two or three wires leading to the solinoid. Remove the "torx" screw holding the solinoid. Buy a new solinoid, about fifty or sixty bucks Canadian and a valve body cover gasket.Follow the instruction sheet for installation. Do not over tighten the cover bolts. Replace the wheel, lower the car, top up the trany fluid and your done... This should save you two to three hundred bucks in any countries money.

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Q: On a 1989 Chevy Cavalier is it the torque converter causing the car to bog-down die after 15 mins driving when braking or stopping taking 10 mins to cool enough to drive if so how do you fix it?
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