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no the engine would still run fine if it spits and sputters sounds like timing mine did the same thing when i changed intake manifold gaskets

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Why would a '94 Taurus 3.8 sputter when accelerating?

Hey Ryan==Try some injector cleaner in the tank. If it still does it, give it a good tune up. GoodluckJoe

2001 Chevy blazer changed plug wires distributor cap and rotor cap?

And you still have a skip? Probably a bad injector.

Your '89 240 injector is leaking you tried attaching an o ring to the bottom and the top of the injector but it still leaks you compared the leaking injector to the normal injectors and you found that?

Found what? If the injector is leaking, no O Ring will fix that. Replace the injector.

1997 MERCURY mystique missing not spark but fuel changed fuel filter can it be a fuel pump if still running ruff?

this is most likely a bad injector. Try a tank of premium gas and Lucas injector cleaner. If it still misses, you probably need to change an injector.

98 Chevy blazer 4.3l changed iac valve egr valve fuel filter PCV valve plugs and wires and still you have rough idol especially when cold?

You may have a bad fuel injector. Try to single out which cylinder is dead, then remove that spark plug, if the plug is clean and dry you have a faulty fuel injector.

How do you restore pulse voltage to the fuel injector on a Chevy S10 with 25L?

I wish I could answer you but I am having the same problem with my 89 Chevy s10 everything was fine till working on distributor. put new computer in still not help have fuel pressure. If you fixed your problem maybe you could give me some info?

How do you install a Spider Fuel Injector in a 95 blazer?

To my knowlege the spider fuel injector system came out in the 96 models. 1995 still had the throttle body injection.

What to do when cylinder 3 misfires on a 2010 Chevy 1500 Express Cargo Van How do you fix it Replaced a coil pack new plugs and wires The check engine light is still on Need help thanks?

Could be a dead fuel injector.

If one cylinder head has no compression but the other on does the car should still be able to start?

It might sputter and sound like it is trying.

If my fuel pump is good my pump relay is good but still don't get fuel why?

injector is bad

Will a broken fuel injector stop car from starting?

Not just one. It will still start but will miss.

Have 2000 Durango am getting code PO207 Switched injector 7 and 1 still get code PO207 What next?

Are you sure you are changing injector #7? Should be the injector closest to the firewall on the drivers side. If you are changing the correct injector, and the code remains, the problem is with the wiring from the injector to the pcm (computer) or the computer itself. You can check for correct battery voltage at the injector with a volt/ohm meter (how does the connector look at the injector?). This year of Durango/Dakota had trouble with computers too, although I have not heard of specific injector trouble being caused by the computer. Most likely a wiring problem. It may even be the TPS

2002 300 m 3.5 misfires cil 4 only changed plugs still does it could it be injector?

could very well be the injector. could also be the distributer or the plug lead

Why won't a Chevy Impala blower motor turn off?

The switch is out or you have crossed wires-it's still getting current. Use a test light with switch off on hot wire between switch & motor. If there is current, your switch is bad.

1997 Dodge Intrepid is idling rough have changed plugs. but still idels rough?

Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector?

What is the life expectancy of a 2004 sorento kia engine?

Mine is a 54 Plate with 112000 on it and still going strong. About to change the copper injector washers, I'm getting a bit of injector blow back.

When driving my 1993 Chevy silverado truck i feel a hesitation with gas pedal changed fuel filter and throttle position sensor and injector cleaner and its still hesitates what can you try next?

You need to check the EGR valve, It may be opening to soon. Have you check the timing???

How do you fix a diesel cylinder misfire?

1: Replace the injector. 2: If still misfiring, replace the engine.

How do you remove the fuel injector in Chevrolet Cavalier 2.4 liter?

Relieve the fuel pressure. Unplug the injector rail wire harness. Remove the two fuel rail mounting bolts and the small screw and clip that secure the lines to the exhaust camshaft housing. Pull strait out while wiggling the fuel rail. At the top of the injector,remove the clip and unplug the electric. Remove the clip on the bottom of the rail that holds the injector in. Pull the injector strait out. Check that the O-rings are still attached to the bottom of the injector and at the top. If not, CAREFULLY.. remove them from the holes that they were mounted in.

How is it there still a misfire on cylinder 3 on a 03 Chevy Impala even after changing spark plugs and wires and coil pack?

Did you gap the spark plugs before u inserted them into the block casue that can have a big effect.

Is the Chevy Lumina still being made?


How to you say Chevy in spanish?

Proper nouns (like names) are generally the same in Spanish as in English. Chevy is still Chevy in Spanish.

What is the lifespan of a Chevy s-10?

I HAVE A 1992 CHEVY S-10 2.8 V-6 ALMOST 200,000 MILES AND STILL GOING BUT BODY HAS SOME ROTTING PROBLEMS BUT STILL GOES AND NOT MUCH MAINTAINANCE ISSUES EITHER REGULAR OIL CHANGES BUT NO MAJOR BREAKDOWNS AS OF YET I have a '95 s10 2.2l 4 cy 2wd extended cab manual tranny. It has 300,000 on it an still going. replaced the clutch once. body and interior good still, just normal maintenance stuff done. engine runs good still, but I need new injector seals now

If you crossed a chicken with a cat will it still taste like chicken?

It would have to cross the road first.

Where are fuel injectors located on a 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo?

The fuel injectors will be located on a metal rail along the intake manifold. It could be a TBI (throttle body injection) The injector\injectors will be at the throttle body intake area. If this car still has a carburetor then it wont have injectors. Hope this helps you.