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My guess is there is somthing weak in the secondary ignition-(plugs, cap, rotor wires), This weakness has forced the primary ignition to overwork and fail. I would suspect the ignition coil or the igniter to be bad. The igniter isn't cheap. ********** I have a 93. My bet is that it is something else. Stalling could be from your fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter. If it is turning over with no spark that is probably the problem. No gas in the carb? Try starting and then open up your plugs and smell them If they are gassy and wet you are getting gas and the engine is flooding. If dry then it might be plugged fuel injectors. Also add some fuel injector cleaner into the next tankful. If it clicks when you start up but not fire, it is your starter, You have a reduced gear starter that is easy to replace- 2 wires and 2 bolts hold it on- about $200 to replace. If you hear a high pitched whine while the car is in motion, and you get some battery warning lights from time to time, then it is your alternator -an easy fix, about $200 or less for a rebuilt. Perhaps one of your spark plug boots is damaged?? This would give jerky moments and vibrating from time to time, especially when stopped and idling. push them down tightly onto the plugs. Check your fuses. It could be a short in the ignition system. Also some keys copied by the dullards at Wal Mart don't always work. I have a key that opens the doors but not the truck and won't start the car. Go figure. Tercels are very reliable, and most problems usually have a simple cause. You might have a partially blocked tailpipe from vandals stuffing crap in the pipe, or even sugared gas. Sometimes cold weather caused condensation in the fuel tank if it is less than half full. Add some of that wintertime gas line antifreeze (I think it is formaldehyde or some other nasty chemical) I have yet to hear of problems with the distributor. Another thing could be an exhuast problem- maybe the catalytic converter is plugged up. My girl is 13 years and counting - 180,000 KM+.

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Toyota tercel 95 stalling?

Stalling under what conditions?

Where are spark plugs located on 1996 Toyota tercel?

There are seven spark plugs on a '96 Tercel. This model has them mounted under the rear passenger seat next to the distributor.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1993 Toyota tercel?

It's inside the distributor cap. Remove distributor cap, remove two 8mm nuts and four small Phillips head bolts. Slide coil up out of distributor.

How far in mileage can you expect a 1988 Toyota Tercel automatic to go?

A quarter of a million miles if you treat her right

Is the 1997 tercel timing belt rubber or metal?

It is rubber, just changed mine on my redhawk!

What is a decent mileage for Toyota tercel 99?

Around 144k. You can fiqure around the average od 10 to 12k miles per year.

How often do you need to change the oil on a Toyota tercel 85'?

The engine oil should be changed at least every 3,000 miles on a 1985 Toyota Tercel. An automobile this old should also have the oil and air filters changed at the same time for the motor to run move efficiently.

When was Toyota Tercel created?

Toyota Tercel was created in 1978.

Thermostat location on 1996 tercel?

Thermostat location on 1996 tercel?

How are the vacuum lines connected to the carb on a 1989 Toyota Tercel?

1989 Tercel does not have a carburetor, it is Fuel Injected. Wrong. My 1989 Tercel has a carb.

Oil capacity 97 tercel Ce?

A 1997 tercel ce with a 1.5 liter ,3 valve per cylinder takes exactly 3 ltrs of oil with the filter changed also. Reconmend 5w-30 or 10w-30 if your car has high milage for oil...

What would cause a thrown rod in a '94 Toyota Tercel?

Few or no regular oil and filter changes.High mileage.Abuse.Not maintaining correct oil level.Not using correct oil.

91 Toyota tercel is it e85 compatiable?

is a 91 Toyota tercel e85 compatiable

Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Toyota Tercel?

Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Toyota Tercel?

Tire specifications for a 1992 Toyota Tercel?

what is the tire pressure for a 1992 toyota tercel?

What is the timing setting for a 1988 Toyota Tercel?

The timing setting for a 1988 Toyota Tercel is the "3E" hole lines at the top. This setting is for a Tercel EZ 1500 engine.

How do you change the starter on a 1994 Tercel?

i have toyota tercel i ned change the starter help please

Is it possible to pull the engine from a 1995 Tercel without removing the transmission too?

I did it, just supported transmission and changed engine just like any other car.

Is door and ignition the same key on a 1984 tercel?

all cars start of with matching locks/ignition and key so the ignition or locks must have been changed

If you were to buy a 1995 Toyota Tercel with 158534 miles on it would that be a reasonable mileage for a car?

Usually that would be great mileage for that car (300,000 mile + car)but you still want to see if they have maintenance records and look underneath car to make sure nothing is rotted out but standardly that's a pretty good car.

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