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air pressure. waxing may clog the port, air pressuer and a old tooth brush should do the trick

2007-06-25 14:04:20
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What causes wild fluctuations in engine temperatures?

clogged thermostat

Why would a transmission be slow to shift to reverse but otherwise work fine in a 4WD 1992 Ford Explorer?

Quite possibly you may need the trans serviced. Probably has a partially clogged trans filter.

Can clogged ears cause dizziness?

Yes, clogged ears can cause dizziness. When there is fluid trapped inside the ear, the increased pressure can cause dizziness and possibly vertigo.

What causes a transmission to slip on 1999 ford explorer xls?

Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.

Why does the pilot light in your furnace go out?

Defective thermocouple or possibly a dirty or clogged pilot orifice.

Central air freezing up?

Call a ac repair man if the central air is freezing up. It more then likely is the coils are clogged which they have special chemicals to clean or it needs more Freon.

Why is your 1999 Ford Explorer engine overheating on the freeway?

Try changing the water pump or you may have a clogged radiator

Why is my 2000 gmc savana 1500 van driving slow and hesitating?

possibly a clogged catalytic converter

2005 impala - water leaking into passenger side?

Possibly air conditioner drain hose is clogged

Car suddenly lost power whilst driving and will not start again?

Possibly a fuel line or clogged valve

Will a catalytic converter catch on fire if not replaced?

A partially clogged converter can get red hot. It could possibly start a fire.

Why my Chevy 2500 1989 won't start I have no fuel coming out of the injectors and fuel pump is working?

Possibly clogged fuel filter

2003 Chevy want start after running out of fuel?

Possibly sucked some trash from the bottom of the tank... or a clogged fuel filter..

Why does 1995 Honda Civic Dx act like its starving for fuel?

Possibly clogged fuel filter or fuel pump is failing.

Why would a Geo Tracker loose power?

Could possibly be the electric fuel pump is not producing enough pressure. Or the fuel filter is clogged from not changing it, or a bad load of gas clogged it. Perform fuel pressure test if filter is OK

Your engine jerks like its getting no fuel when you accelerate hills and sometimes on flat when its been running a while Can anyone tell you what this could be?

Possibly fuel filter, possibly a worn fuel pump, possibly an electronic component that fails when hot. Possible clogged catalytic converter.

Why does liquids expands during freezing?

Try flushing the cooling system, also ensure air has been bled from your system. might try checking hoses, could be clogged.

Why Honda civic 91 are lacking torque power?

old car lots of miles possibly, clogged injectors, bad spark, lose compression......

What happen if you don't change a fuel filter in a 1999 buick avenue?

Eventually it will become partially clogged making the fuel pump work harder and possibly burning it up. It can also become so clogged that no fuel reaches the engine and the engine will not run.

Why 1996 Ford Explorer will not go over 40 miles per hour?

This might be due to a clogged fuel filter. They are inexpensive & should be fairly easy to replace.

Ford Explorer runs rough?

A Ford Explorer that runs rough may be experiencing a clogged fuel filter, dirty air filter, or worn spark plugs. A proper tune-up can solve most problems associated with an engine running rough.

What is wrong with your 98 kia sportage it is sputtering it does it every ones in a while?

Hello,I would check where you get your gas possibly it contains water some do,i would also run fuel injector cleaner for a few tanks then se if it improves your injectors might be dirty or getting clogged from dirt or bad fuel,then if it still does it i would suspect if they have one possibly a clogged fuel filter restricting fuel

How do you know if PCV needs replacement in a 91 ford explorer?

easiest way to check pcv is to pull it out of where it is and shake it if it rattles, it is good. if it does not rattle it is clogged up and needs replacing

What can cause a 1991 Cadillac Deville to lose power while starting off?

Possibly a clogged fuel filter. or faulty fuel pump, amongst other things

Why does basement sink back up when first and second floor toilets or showers are used?

Clogged drain line downstream of basement sink or possibly problem with venting.