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Q: On a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT V8 does the vacuum line above the fuel line have a hose attached or is there a cap on it?
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Where is the purge flow canister for a 1997 Ford Explorer?

it's located above the spare tire under the vehicle....covered by a black metal box attached to the underbody with 3 screws. . . .

Where is fuel pump on 1997 Ford Explorer?

It is in the fuel tank attached to the fuel gauge sending unit.

Where can i find the PVC valve for a 1997 Lincoln Continental sedan?

On the valve cover, with a large vacuum hose attached

Where are the vacuum hoses located on a 96 Ford Explorer transmission 5R55E?

The 5R55E transmission wasn't used until the ( 1997 ) ford Explorer , it is an electronically controlled transmission so there are no vacuum hoses In a 1996 Ford Explorer , with the V6 , the 4 speed electronically controlled 4R55E transmission was used , it also doesn't use vacuum hoses

How do you repair exterior door handle 2001 Ford Explorer?

you can find the answer on this site, a few questions above this one. it is the same as the 1997 ford explorer

Where is the fuel Inertia switch located on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

In the front passenger footwell BEHIND the kick panel according to the 1997 Ford Explorer Owner Guide . On my 1995 Ford Explorer it is BY the kick panel in the front passenger footwell , just above the carpet in the corner

Where is amplifier located in 97 ford explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer, the stereo amplifier is located above the rear wheel on the passenger side. It can be accessed by removing the side panel.

Should the vacuum line above the fuel line be capped or should a hose be connected on a 1997 Ford Explorer V8?

What you may be looking at on the V8 is the fuel pressure test port. This is used to test the fuel pressure with a gauge. It should have a cap on it. Good Luck!

Why is your 1997 Chevy s10 onlt blowing air from the floor and defroster?

My guess is you have a vacuum line problem under the hood. When the vacuum supply is cut off the system reverts to it's default position which is floor and defroster. Check under the hood for a vacuum line that is disconnected, pinched, collapsed, cracked etc. A common place for a vacuum line to disconnect would be at the vacuum reservoir. This is the black plastic ball that is attached to the under side of the hood above the brake master cylinder.

Why did my 1997 Ford Explorer alternator quit working?

because it's a 1997 ford explorer

On your fathers 1997 Ram 1500 4WD there is what appears to be an air hose attached to the front axle that has come loose Is this the vacuum line for the front end 4wd?

I believe that is the vacuum to engage the front axle when in 4 wheel drive.

Are 1997 Ford Explorer parts compatible with a 2000 for explorer?


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