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Suspect a defective temperature sensor-- the one that talks to the car computer. It is not telling the computer it is cold outside, and not enough fuel is added to allow startup when cold. Suggest replace the temp sensor.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-05 07:01:41
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Q: On a 1997 Subaru Impreza When it is cold out side it will not start as soon as it warms up there is no problem starting what could be wrong?
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Could an electrical problem keep my 95' subaru from starting?


What would cause a 97 subaru impreza 2.2l to have difficulty starting - the engine will crank and crank- this does not happen every time the engine starts and happens only randomly?

Could be a main engine relay problem.

Subaru impreza fuel pump inertia reset location?

The Subaru Impreza does not have a fuel pump inertia switch. If you are having fuel issues it could be the fuel pump relay or fuel pump.

1995 subaru impreza fuel pump makes noise?

A noisy fuel pump in a 1995 Subaru Impreza could be a sign of oncoming failure. Check the pump for the source of the noise, and it is probably a good idea to replace it.

What could you expect to pay to have the timing belt changed on your 2000 Subaru Impreza?

typically $250 - $300. just paid $260 to do my '02 impreza RS.

Why would your 1995 Subaru Impreza not start?

it could be one of the sensors crank shaft or cam shaft

Whai is the Cost of rebuilt transmission 1997 subaru impreza?

Generally speaking, a rebuilt transmission for a 1997 Subaru Impreza will cost between $2,000 and $5,000. It could be more or less, it depends on the parts put in and the worker labor charges.

How expensive is it to fix a transmission on a Subaru impreza?

It depends on what is wrong with it, a minor problem could run as little as 100 dollars while a transmission replacement will run a good 2500-3000 dollars.

My clutch pedal is NT liftin from the floor in my 94 subaru impreza could u tell me why?

I had the same problem in my 1995, i took it to the dealer and they fixed it. I think it was a very simple fix, but it was many years ago.

Your 93 subaru impreza was fine one moment the next moment you tried to start it and the engine wont even try to turn over The lights and battery still work What could be the problem?

check your fuses The starter

When I put my 1999 subaru impreza into drive it hesitates but will shift into reverse with no problem the fluid level is good could the filter need changing?

A plugged transmission filter can cause your transmission to hesitate when you shift into drive. A collapsed vacuum hose can also cause the problem.

96 subaru impreza wrx keeps losing power for a second then takes of again when it is a stalling feeling what could be wrong?

try changing the spark plugs you will get loads of highley technical answers on here but its normally the simple solution that works i had the very same problem on my impreza and all it needed was a new set of plugs..

You want to buy a subaru impreza but the transmission is slipping would that be expensive to fix its a 1994?

It could be caused by a bad modulater, plug screen or it needs a overhaul

Does Dylan and Cole Sprouse drive cars?

Yes they could drive, they are now 18, and Dylan has a subaru impreza sti, and cole has a Mitsubishi lancer evolution. :)

On a 1995 subaru impreza 1.8L could an inoperable EGR valve be the cause for an intermittent check engine light?

Yes, along with dozens of other things.

How much does a speed sensor cost for a 1996 Subaru Impreza?

I got one for $35 from a Subaru graveyard, but I've been quoted for up to $200. Napa was the only car parts place that even had a way to get it, and they're the ones who told me it would be $200. Try the Subaru dealer first, or try to find a used Subaru in a junkyard that you could get it from.

1999 subaru impreza 2.5rs is knocking after your rear wheel bearing broke?

If its the engine knockins their is no connection just a quicondense. If the knocking is in the rear could be a cracked rotor or something.

What if your subaru has a bad misfire when driving and there is a little smoke from roundabout the manifold what could be the problem?

yes theres problem go service it

What could cause 99 subaru impreza to overheat the radiator is fine?

water pump might have broken. i have this problem now, the radiator is full of antifreeze, but since water pump is not circling it around, the engine keeps overheating. dont wait till your engine stucks, fix the problem as soon, as possible. its cheaper than buying a new engine/car. good luck!

1995 Subaru Impreza air-heater fan makes clicking noise?

the fan could be obstructed or the fan motor could be going bad. I've seen more than once where rodents have made homes out of fan boxes.

How much should a cheap subaru impreza cost?

Price would vary widely depending on geographical location and the condition of the car. Depending on area and the condition of the car, price could start as low as $1000.

Transmission will not come out of park?

I'm not completely familiar with the VW transmission, but I had a Subaru Impreza that had this problem one time. The problem was that the safety lock (that keeps you from taking it out of park without applying the brake) was tied into the horn relay on my Impreza. It's probably a similar issue with your VW, although it may be a different relay that has gone bad. In other words, check your relays & fuses, because it's more than likely an electrical issue. Also, in the Subaru, there was a small hole at the front of the shifter (in front of Park, beneath the plastic console) that you could insert a screwdriver into to bypass the relay in order to drive the car until the relay could be repaired. Again, not sure about VW's design, but I hope this information is useful!

Ticking noise when starting 1998 Subaru Outback 2.5 L?

It could be that hydraulic lash-adjusters may be clogged up.

Does 1995 Subaru impreza have fuel pump fuse?

From all the information I could gather, it does NOT have a fuse. Just the relay, which is hidden in the dash behind the fuse box. It's the green relay in group of three(White, Brown, Green.)

How do you change a O2 sensor on 1995 Subaru Impreza?

if you mean the lambda sensor it could either be located just after the turbo or it will be on the up pipe to the turbo its all according which model you have but just unplug it and unscrew it and replace it and then plug it back in.