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On a 1997 Town Car how do you take the door panel off?


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2011-10-20 16:59:12
2011-10-20 16:59:12

you need to pry the door skin loose with a thin metal tool. remove about ten push-clips that are around the perimiter of the door.they are usually white.these clips are like 2 cents each and cannot be put back once they are sure to unplug the wire behind the door handle (for the light etc...)make sure all the new clips are pushed back flush and tight or you will have door noise.

don't forget the four screws, one under the arm rest, one upper front, and two at the pull handle ends.


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Unscrew the door lock.Remove the door pull.Take out any remaining screws on the door panel.Remove the master power switch.Pull the panel from the door.

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how to take the door panel off of a 1997 mercury marquis

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Take off the inside of the door panel the bolts are in tie in side of the door

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You do it from inside the door. Take the door panel off, roll the window up, and go to town.

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