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don't know but you can bypass it if you want. That's pretty easy. you just won't have a heater.

AnswerYour in luck I did a heater core for my Girlfriend 1998 will find it inside the car , under the dash . Excuse me, In the CENTER of the car right above the Transmission tunnel. Take the ashtray assembly out and remove the Glove Box and you will see a Black Plastic Box containing the Heater core. If I'm not going to lie...Its a lot to get to may have to take apart the Lowwer dash on the Passenger Side. If you have any trouble email me and I will walk you thruogh it . My email is just put Heater Core in the subject line so I realize its you. Also when you get the new heater core, the tubes will probably need to be rotated around. They are made to be Twisted so it resembles the Old Heater Core. Keyword Twisted-NOT BENT OR REMOVED. Email me and I can explain.
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Q: On a 1998 Buick Skylark how do you get to the heater core to replace it?
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