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try reseting comp. disconect battery for an hour or 2 if that dose not work go to libaire get the chiltons guid to your f-body and see if theres another way to reset Your not going to like this but the only way to get the anti-theft system to disengage is to get a dealership to hook it up to a machine and the will reprogram the car's engine brain or ECU so the engine and be started.

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Q: On a 1998 Camero the anti theft system would not turn off and car want start at all what can you do to make it start are?
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What are the thing that would not make a 1997 Buick skylark start after I put a new crankshaft senor on?

theft system

How can the anti theft system be reset on a dodge neon?

How would I reset the theft system on a n 03u dodge neon

Who would win in a car race a 2010 mustang gt or the2010 Camero?

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How do you disable the theft system 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

I have a 2005 sunfire and i realize that the theft systems might be different on different year models of the car- i had trouble with my theft system going off randomly- the car would crank but not start and the "theft system" light would flash. I called several dealerships and even tried calling a GM hotline and they all told me the same thing- the theft system cannot be disabled, like it or not it is part of the car and if it is defective it needs to be replaced. there is, however, a relearn procedure you can use to get the car to start without towing it to a shop. 1) try to start the car (it won't start and the theft system light will flash) 2) leave the key in and resting in the "on" position (the position it's in after you crank and release- turns on the radio, dash lights etc.). the theft system light will continue to flash for about 10 min and then it will stop flashing and stay on. 3) turn the key to "off" and leave it there for another minute or two. 4) try starting it again. if it does not start now, it should after repeating the above two or three times

What would be a good place to start to figure out a 1994 cadillac sts No start due to anti-theft?

The ignition key chip

Upgrade anti-theft system?

form_title=Upgrade anti-theft system form_header=Keep your protection up to date with a new system. Describe the current anti-theft system on the vehicle: =_ What sort of features would you like in a new system?=_ Was the current system installed at the facotry?= () Yes () No

What would make your 1999 Chevy camaro start at times and not at others?

I've heard that a bad chassis ground in the anti theft system sometimes caused this

Install an anti-theft system?

form_title=Install an anti-theft system form_header=Add another layer of protection to your valuable investment by installing an anit-theft system. What type of system would you want installed?=_ What features would you want to see in the system?="" What is the price range you are looking at?= [] Under $200 [] $250-$500 [] $500-$1000 [] $1000

What would make a ford contour not start after you changed the ignition switch?

You may have activated security system if theft light flashing when key is turned, needs reset.

Why would a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker start then die like it is out of fuel?

it is the anti theft. lock all the doors the unlock the door with the key. try with passenger door too. if this does not work it is some other problem with your anti theft system.

Why does thetheft system lightcom ing onin your cav?

The theft system light blinks to let you know that it is enabled and functioning correctly. Trust me, you would know if the theft system actually detected something (and so would everyone within about a city block of you)

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Can a malfunction in the fuel pump cause a malfunction in the theft system?

If you have a VATS (vehicle anti theft system) equipped vehicle, it would be the other way around....The theft system would cause the fuel pump malfunction. If the theft system does not detect the correct value of the chip in the key it will prevent the fuel pump from functioning. Depending on the year and type of system, (VATS vs. Transponder) your VATS pellet may be worn out and the ignition is unable to read the resistor value. If it is Transponder equipped you may have a faulty chip antenna.

How do you disengage theft deterrent system on your 89 eldorado?

It would be improper to answer a question that would aid a car thief.

Why does replacing the battery in a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker cause the anti theft light to flash but the car will not start?

Ruff AnswerChrysler New Yorker Has A Picky Anti Theft System, I Understand that if that's flashing when trying to start, means the Theft System Wasnt Turned off, What i Would Try And do is Shut Your Drive or Pass Door, put Your Key into it and lock then unlock your door and try again. Doing This Has Deactivated My Alarm When I Had The window Down and pulled the lock and it went off.

2004 Chevy Malibu sometimes will not start Anti theft light is also on Only way to start is to reset Any suggestions?

The anti-theft feature prevents the car from being started when one of several anti-theft devices is faulty are have otherwise been activated. The problem you describe might be the ignition switch, which is known to wear out quickly on those models. The system can be completely disabled only when the car is running (meaning the theft deterrent system is inactive after the Passlock II system detects the proper key in the ignition). A wire can be cut that would permanantly disable Passlock II, meaning any key that opens the door (or a screwdriver) could start the car. If the ignition swtich goes out or this wire is cut while the engine is off (theft deterrent system is active) then the car will have to be towed back to the dealer to have the ignition system replaced and reprogrammed.

How do you disarm the anti theft system 1995 mark viii?

In order to disarm the anti theft system on a 1995 Mark VIII, you would insert the key in the drivers door, turn left, then right to disarm. This should disarm the system.

How do you bypass the chip start in my 93 jeep wrangler?

A 1993 Wrangler would not have any sort of anti theft system from the factory. So any system on the vehicle could be easily removed by unplugging, or unhooking any add on wires.

Why won't your 96 manual Sunfire start up It turns over but won't start up?

1. Attempt to start the car, let it stall, but DO NOT turn the key off! Leave it in RUN. 2. Wait 10 minutes or until the Theft Sys light glows steady instead of blinking. 3. Do not turn the key off, but start it immediately. 4. This should reset your Passlock system. If this does not work, research the Passlock 2 Anti-theft system, I would guess it is your problem. Good Luck!

Why would brake lights on 1997 Chevy Camero not work when lights are on?

The bulbs are burnt out.

How do you reset alarm system on 98 ford contour?

Is your problem with the PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) (encoded key) or the Anti theft alarm system? If you're talking about the PATS system, the answer to your question is NO. The PCM must get the PATS signal or it does not allow the engine to start. It would not be much of a theft deterent if it could be bypassed. For the Anti-Theft Alarm System, do the following: 1. Insert the key into the door lock on the driver's side front door. 2. Turn the key counterclockwise and then return it to the starting position. 3. Remove the key from the lock. 4. Open the door and insert the key into the ignition. 5. Turn the key clockwise to the "On" position to disarm the alarm.

What would happen if lifters were bad?

they would go all mental and start a gran theft auto like everyone else

How to reset the anti-theft system on a 1996 Grand Am SE?

You have to put the key into the on position...wait about 15 mins until the theft sys light stops blinking. turn the car off for about a minute and the car should start right up. If you have to do this over and over again every time you have to start your car up it either means your control panel or your ignition is going bad. wish i would have known what was going on before i paid $350 to have the ignition system changed. Now i have the light on all the time , not sure if syetem works When I replaced the speedometer cluster in my 96 grand am. My car would not start, as the anti-theft system kicked in. This will happen if you change or replace anything electrical involving the instrument panel. So, yes you do put the key in the start position, and the car will not start, then just leave the key in the the ignition. do not remove it. You will see the anti-theft warning flashing. Wait about 10 minutes. the flashing should have stopped. Take the key out. Wait one minute. proceed to start engine. It should start!

How do you dissable the theft deterrent system on a 89' cadillac?

It is improper to answer a question that would help a thief.

How do you deactivate a faulty anti-theft system in a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

I have a 2000 Malibu and it also had a faulty anti-theft system and the car would not start if it was flashing. So, we turn the ignition forward until all the gauges and lights come on but not starting the car and leave in this position for 10 mins. (it will stop flashing) then turn the key all the way off, then start the car in one swift motion. .........I hope this helps