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I hope you don't mind I added to your answer. Check "Haynes Repair manual" page 6-9. Special:Booksources56392 409 9.

i read a forum where they dug the "Cread@r" OBD II reader if your car is c. 1996 & newer. About $50. on eBay and . It shows the code number when plugged in and clears the code when the problem is fixed. Has the OM with it and a list of the diagnosis for the code # retreived.

AnswerI can tell you from experience this is not a d-i-y project. It is best left up to a independent repair shop that is familiar with this nature of repair. Maybe and I mean MAYBE, you'll get lucky. If you screw up and create another problem, the more it will cost you at any repair shop. Most likely you will end up replacing somthing that didn't need replacing and cause another problem attempting to fix the intitial problem. I have seen this too often. AnswerFirst, you need to get the trouble code that caused the light to come on. This Code will start with a "P" followed by 4 numbers. This light is always an engine performance concern. The only way you can "screw up" your car is if you start making unadvised repairs. Some auto parts stores will scan your codes for free if you indicate that you will buy the part from them. However you won't know what part at first. Always get advise between eacxh step in repairing your vehicle. Also, don't let novices scare you away from repairing your own car. It's not rocket science, but with the right information the sky is the limit. :)
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Q: On a 1998 Honda CRV with a check engine light on solid is there a way to read the codes and reset the check engine light without purchasing expensive equipment?
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