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One of the 1000 posibilities is an ignition misfire, but will be impossible to diagnose without personally driving the vehicle and doing diagnostic checks. On of the most commn things I see go wrong with Exp'ns, is failed ignition coils. You didn't say whether you had a 4.6 liter(separate coil pack and plug wire system) or a 5.4 liter (COP ignition system), so I don't I dont know what type of ignition system you have. Another of the seemingly endless list of causes that your truck could have is low fuel pressure due to a faulty fuel pump.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 19:13:05
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Q: On a 1999 Expedition when trying to pass another car or when going uphill your truck shakes and does not pick up speed what causes this?
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