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My 2000 Expedition had persistant #1 cyl misfires, and #7 eventually after replacing the coils for a second time, I observed antifreeze in the plug wells. My Intake manifold crossover tube, had blown a gasket, upon further investigation, while warming up, my overflow (degas) bottle was blowing off excess pressure, and coolant! After vehicle cooled, I smelled the coolant bottle, and noted an exhaust smell. I quickly realized this is not good, and concluded a failed head gasket, was causing combustion gases to enter the cooling system, overpressurizing it, and blowing off prssure, (and over-stressing crossover tube gasketcausing failure) A head gasket on these vehicles is not for your typical do-it-yourselfer. I had it repaired at the dealer 6 months ago, and have had no trouble since! $$$$$


I have a 1999 Expedition that this was happening on. My husband tried silicon spray, it didn't do the trick. I went out and used WD40 and it worked immediately! Hooray for WD40!!


This is a problem I too am experiencing. I am thinking it is a bad sensor but not sure. My engine feels like apiston or plug is fouling when this happens?

This happens often to me and is caused by a failed coil on one of the plugs. A computer diagnoses is the quickest way do find the offending coil.


If you have a 5.4L engine ( Ford Expedition, Navigator, Chevrolet) then there is a design flaw that is not covered by warranty. The water enters from the front of the vechile and blows into the air intake and travels around the filter harness and funnels water directly over the coils.. I have have replaced all 8 coils once and now today I have to replace 2 more. Ford charges $ 200 (coil and labor) to replace, but you can buy coil for about $50, including spark plug and it takes 15-30 min for each coil depending on which coil has failed. Make sure and use a lot of grease around fittings to prevent water seepage into Spark plug.


You can have a diognostic check done "free" at Advanced Auto Parts Stores...Just had it done yesterday and it showed #1 cyl coil bad ( went to a local shop and paid $86.00 for the same thing because I just wasn't sure. Paid $94.00 for a coil/plug wire and it fixed the problem of the #1 cyl missing


Is the light flashing or just steady? If it is steady it could be something simple like bad gas. Go get the premium gas and buy a bottle of the octane booster. You can also go to an auto parts store and have the free diagnostics run on it. If the light is flashing that means your engine is miss firing. Take it and get the free diagnostics run on it. I took my Expy to Auto Zone and they told me which port was not firing, where it was located on the engine, and which order the plugs fire in. Those are the easiest fixes. Ford has had trouble with the hose above # 4 port leaking on the #4 core. Therefore burning either the spark plug or core up. Check for anti freeze if you find out it is #4.


On my 200 expedition it turned out to be a mass flow regulator valve, which is located in the front of the air filter. Replacing this item was very expensive, parts and labor was aroung $180. at dealership.

I have to admit that I caused the problem by putting too much K&E oil on the air filter. The excess oil clogged up the mass flow regulator vlave.

Check with your ford dealer...there is a recall on some vehicles of that year. You may be able to get it repaired free of charge

The check engine light illuminates for any number of dozens of reasons. The Computer Monitors a lot of sensors and modules. Any one of these can cause the light to come on when the parameters are not correct. This includes, but is not limited to: fuel injectors, coils, bad plugs causing a misfire, oxygen sensors, transmission problems, MAF sensor, and so on and so forth. Take it down to AutoZone or just about any large auto parts chain. They'll check the codes for free and it will give you a place to start. Without having the codes pulled you'll NEVER know what is wrong.

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Q: On a 2000 Ford Expedition the 'check engine soon' light came on recently has Ford had any known problems with this in the past?
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On a 2002 Ford Expedition : The " check engine " light is the " SERVICE ENGINE SOON " light just to the left of the fuel gauge

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Auto Zone will check your engine light for free... Write down the codes and go from there.

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Auto Zone will check your engine codes for FREE. Then go from there.

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Auto Zone will check your engine light for FREE. They will also tell you whats wrong.

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I would check the plug wires and the exhaust system.

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check the throttle positioning sencer. (TPS) for short.

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Very carefully

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There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

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Engine misfire. Possibly a bad coil or spark plug.

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