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it sounds to me like either a)your installing the belt differently than how it should be installed, meaning that you might be putting it over a pulley when it should go under or vice versa and b)although it may seem like the tensioner is all the way up it probably isn't try to find a way to get a grip of the tensioner from a different angle and see if you can get it to open or i should say close even more.

one last thing even though the belts have the same # have you compared both belts side by side? they should be pretty identical the old one might seem to be a tiny bit longer but it shouldn't even a 1/4 inch

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โˆ™ 2007-08-21 00:02:40
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Q: On a 90 F150 with the identical replacement parts the belt will not go back on even with tensioner all the way up. It's like the belt is too small even though its the same number on the original belt?
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