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KYB shocks for shure and OEM springs....Rick D

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What is the best method to raise the ride height front and back on a 72 dart?

For the front you turn the torsion bar nuts (one on each side) like your tightening them to raise the front of the vehicle and for the back you can add air shocks or more leafs to the springs, be sure to get the vehicle aligned when doing this as it will throw the alignment off.

Are new shocks required for a 2 inch spring coil lift on a 2003 jeep wrangler?

Not necessarily. From what i understand, though, if you decide not to get shocks to accompany the longer springs, your ride quality will be a sloppy mess. If you have the extra cash, it would be best to get shocks that have more travel.

What is chassis dynamics?

Chassis dynamics are just simply about exchange of discussion between different persons. Its main topic is about, what are the best springs or shocks are there for the motorcycles.

How do you lower the front of a 1991 s10 pick up?

It is best done with drop spindles and springs.

Ford Taurus shock absorbers?

Taurus sedans have STRUTS that combine the springs and shock absorber/dampers. A skilled home mechanic can remove the struts but it's best to have a shop with a proper strut compressor separate the spring and thedamper section. Taurus wagons have STRUTS on the front, and separate, conventional springs and shock absorbers on the rear. Generally a home mechanic can change these shocks.

How do you raise suspension on 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?

I suppose you could use higher springs on the struts in the front and different coil over shocks in the back but the ride is really going to suffer and possibly not be able to be aligned properly. Best off going to a shop that specializes in suspension parts and modifications. That is what they do.

How do you do a 1970 dodge charger wheelie?

you need about 800 to 1000 horse engine, special shocks in the front, and 14" rear tires to get the best grip.

How do you change shocks in a Dodge Durango?

To change the front shocks on a durango the best way is to place the vehicle on a jack .The jack needs to be under the lower control arm behind the tire and jacked up off the ground and tire removed from the vehicle.Loosen up the lower bolts and remove [this takes an impact wrench or a breaker bar and some penetrating oil and a strong arm]. To change the rear shocks jack the rear of the vehicle off the ground and place jack stands under the frame of the vehicle in front of the vehicles rear tires...lower the vehicle to the jack stands and remove the top bolts to the shocks [springs will hold it up] then remove the lower bolts. Now replace the old shocks with the new shocks in the exact same way the old ones came off.Make sure the nuts and bolts are tightened until them can not be tightened any more usually takes an impact driver or a very strong arm.

What company makes the best shocks?

Monroe shocksare one of the best.

What are the best brand of air shocks for 1984 cutlass supreme?

Any air shocks are good and will work on your car.

What are the best replacement shocks for 2003 suburban?


What is the Tire size for 1989 Chevy Caprice?

it depends on which model caprice u have. best idea is to take it to a tire shop

What is Best range for caprice 1992 thermostat?


What are the best rear shocks for a Geo Tracker?

pro comp

What size battery for a 91 caprice with a 305?

95 Chevrolet caprice takes a delco 78 series battery. the 7 year is the best.

What is the best suspension for smooth and comfort ride?

Depends on what you're driving. Most cars have gas shocks and some have air shocks. Air shocks are more comfortable, with an automatic leveller, as in Lincoln Continental, in my opinion.

Where can I find information about Monroe shocks on the Internet?

There are many sites on the internet that have information on Monroe shocks. I think that your best information regarding the shocks would likely be directly from the Monrow website which is Monroe dot com.

How do you make the best ATV in pure on x-box?

use the newest engine you have and change from freestyle shocks to racing shocks depending on the race

Do fake g shocks say techno?

yes, all g shocks should have Casio written on them, the techno gshocks are one of the best of the fakes

What are the best football boots or shoes on the market for a receiver?

nike shocks

What is the best shocks for a Mercedes-Benz 190e?

try MEYLE.

What is the best oil for high mileage caprice high mileage oil for caprice?

I use Penzoil high mileage in my 105,000 mile LT1 caprice with an AC Delco filter. You can get a 5 qt jug for around $13 at walmart.

How do you change rear shocks on a 2001 ford focus?

There are no "shocks", they are struts, and you'd best take it to a mechanic who knows what he's doing. It's NOT an easy job.

How do steal a Chevy Caprice?

The best way is to pick the lock and hotwire the engine.

What's the best way to replace shocks?

You may want to seek professional help to replace the shocks. You could try searching for your nearest mechanic. Otherwise, try searching for websites which detail how to replace shocks in cars.

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