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Yes you do have to remove the bars or at least the torsion bar cross member and to do that you either need the otc tool or use a two jaw puller make sure to measure the bolt height before you start and set it the same they control your ride height

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 12:30:22
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Q: On a 98 Ford 150 4x4 do you have to remove the torsion bars to remove the transmission and transfer case?
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Does ford make a tool to remove torsion bar from trunk?


Where is the transfer case on 1998 ford expidition?

The transfer case is attached to the Transmission.

Where is the transfer case on your 2003 Ford Ranger?

The transfer case for a 4x4 is bolted to the rear of the transmission on your Ford Ranger

Where is the transfer case on a 1998 ford explorer?

The transfer case is mounted to the rear of the transmission

How do you remove transmission on Ford Expedition?

need to replace transmission seals

How do you replace a 1978 ford bronco transfer case?

Drop the driveshafts. Remove the transfer case with a transmission jack. it's heavy. Be careful. have fun realigning the spud shaft when replacing.

How do you remove a 1993 Ford Mustang transmission?

can anyone tell me how to remove a transmission from a 1993 ford mustang 4 cylinder? Thanks

Where is the transfer case on a 1999 ford explorer?

Bolted to the rear of the transmission

How do you replace the flywheel in a Ford Tempo?

Have to remove the transmission.

How do you remove a 94 ford explorer transmission?


How do you change a Ford F-150 transsmission?

Its a pain. You first have to drop the torsion bars under the truck. Then get a pulley puller and push the torsion bars back up to remove the metal pieces holding the torsion bars in. Remove the puller and take the torsion bars off. You will then need to remove the bracket holding the torsion bars. ONce that is done, you will have enough clearance to drop the tranny. The hard part is getting the torsion bars back on. Come to think of it, I think you can buy a tool from Ford to pull the torsion bars off. It pretty expensive that why I use a pully puller. Not all F-150s have torsion bars. Buy a Chilton Repair Manual for your correct year. It'll tell you everything step by step.

How do you Drain transmission fluid on 1990 ford ranger?

Remove the transmission oil pan

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