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It could be low coolant or it could be that the water pump impellers are rusted or worn through.

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If the heater works but blows cold air and heater core is good what do i check next?

Get the air out of your heater core.

Ac works but heater blows cold air?

heater hoses might have been disconected

How come ive changed your heater blower it works but anly blows verry little heat on any setting in a 1992 thunderbird?

probably the heater core is plugged

What if your 2004 silverado temp gauge runs above normal in town and the heater blows cold but runs at normal temp on the freeway and the heater works fine What is the cause?


Why doesn't heater work. The fan works but blows cold air on my 1994 Buick Regal GS?

Its either a bad heater core or a clogged one. They are very expensive.

Where is heater fuse 1989 acclaim?

There is no heater fuse, the heater works by having hot coolant run threw a heater core that's inside the dash, then when you turn the heat on, the blower motor blows threw the heater core, sending the hot air inside the vehicle.

Eclipse 2204 heater when moving car heater works blowing hot air When stopping at light for exampleHeater blows cold air?

Although my car is not an Eclipse, I experienced the same issue. A mechanic determined that my radiator was partially blocked and recommended replacement. My heater now blows heat whether I'm stopped at a light or moving.

Is electabuzz at the wind works?

thw wind works by god blows the wind thw wind works by god blows the wind

1994 k1500 needs trouble shooting for cold air from heater?

I have changed heater core,water pump,thermostat, the fon works well but only blows cold air plus i have flushed the system.

Why does the air conditioner blow cold when driving and then blows hot after it is stopped and restarted. it has been charged with freon.the blower works great but blows hot air.?

sounds like you need to replace either the thermostat or the temp control switch

How does a car heater work?

[first time answering questions] car heater works like the reverse of the normal cooling radiator - in fact the heater is like a small version of the rad that's on the frnt of the car - the hot water from the engine block goes into this small rad and the heater fan blows air thru it into the car - the hot heater rad loses heat into the car and - bingo - you get warm inside

A musical instrument that works when wind blows it?

its a chime

Blend door actuator and heater core on 99 ford windstar works why are you still getting cold air?

Suspect a plugged up heater core then.See "Related Questions" below for more

2000 Chevy 1500 heater not working but the AC works fine. It seems as long as you leave the blower control turned below 2 you can get somewhat warm air coming out of the vents but not on defrost?

i just replaced the thermostat in 2004 Chevy truck heater works fine now

Heater only works on high speed?

The heater motor speed resister is burned out.

What is wrong when the ac and heater stops working but the blower still blows?

The AC and heater are completely different subsystems. The heater relies on heat generated by the engine and circulated by the engine coolant (radiator fluid) while the AC uses a belt driven compressor and separate fluids. Their only normal commonalities are the blower motor (which you said works), the ducting and the control head.

Why does Car heater only works while driving?

Most (not all) cars are heated by the engine. When fluid moves through the engine it heats up. This fluid moves through the heater core, a fan moves air over the warm heater coils blowing warm air out to the cars cab.

How room heater works?

BY CONVEntional current

Heater blower wont work on 1996 rodeo blower motor works getting power to it but no ground cheched the heater control switch has ground coming to it but nothing else?

there is a condenser on the heater housing it has 2 bolts holding it into the housing, just below the heater motor, they go bad, i had the same problem on a 95 rodeo.

Ac works but no heat blows cold air?

Bad Thermostat

How does a lead storage battery works?

they ignite the ignition and blows up

2000 Chevy Venture rear ac does not blow cold Blows hot Front ac works fineAnyone know why?

need Answerdid you fine out why this happens I got the samr problem The rear A/C has a heater blend door actuator that is stuck open to the heater core. I purchased one at part #1572792.

If the rear heater works ok why does the front heater only blow cold air?

replace front heater corefront and rear have independent heater cores

97 f250 heater only works on high is this a problem with the heater resisitor block?


Why is acura tl 3.2 1996 heater works while driving and turn cold when stop?

Check the following............... 1. Coolant level. 2. Thermostat. 3. A/C - Heater inside door operations. 4. Lastly check the radiator flow.