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On a GMC Safari Van when you try to pop the hatch only one side releases how do you get it to open and what would cause this?

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2009-07-23 08:07:10
2009-07-23 08:07:10

I have a 99 Astro that had the same issue. It is a real trick to re-atatch linkage. Once the center handle has been removed along with the two accessible trim screws, you can (with minimal loss of flesh from the back of your hand) reach in and pull on the release to gain better access. The linkage has a plastic retainer to hold it into the latch lever and the broken retainer can be replaced with a suitable clip. (I used one from an RC car I had laying around) Good Luck!

PS- Be prepared to break the original interior trim to get access to the linkage where the rod may fall out. GM bad design! I suggest when you put the new trim in, make access ports so you can get to the problem easier next time. Otherwise you will go through the same problem. Oh, be prepared to sweat and get filthy when you embark on this exercise in futility. I agree with the other person when he said Good Luck; you will need it!

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