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On my Sharp Linytron TV, there is Setup button on the front of the TV, click it. It will display a menu and one of the options is Air/Cable or Antennae/Cable. Click the Setup button until that menu option is selected. Click the down volume button to select it and enter the Air/Cable options. Click the up volume button to move the selection to Cable. Click the Setup button to accept the selection then again to move to the Exit option. Click the down volume button.

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Q: On a Sharp Linytron television without a remote is there any way to change the setting from air to cable?
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How do you get to ch 3 on sharp linytron tv without remote control?

You know, all TV's have a set of manual buttons on them somewhere. Try looking under the little door on the front if you don't see any. Find the user's menu and rescan the TV or just use the channel button to manually change the channel.

How do you get a 20af44 toshiba TV to change to channel video 1 without a remote?

There is no way to change the input without a remote :(.

How can you fix the convergence setting on your Panasonic 1080i bbe digital tv if your remote does not work?

New TVs have buttons on the front, side, or top of them allowing you to bring up menus to view or change settings on the TV. It is the same functions if using the remote. Just bring up your menu to get to the setting you want to change.

TV will not get more than 11 channels?

Go to the tuner menu and change the setting to UHF/VHF.

How would you change the concept of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

I would put it in the setting of the television series The Office.

How do you set your ps3 from hdmi2 to a VCR?

The setting on the TV set for your PS3 is controlled by what input it is plugged into on the back of your TV. You can not change it to VCR on some sets without also switching back to the A/V cable and losing the high resolution. I don't know of any TVs that have an HDMI plug for a VCR.

Why is my tv screen displaying unusble signal?

You get unusable signal on your TV because your TV is not on the correct input setting to pick up the signal from your device (DISH Network or other provider). You only need to change the input setting to find the correct input to get the signal.

How do you change the input on a Proscan PLD3283D without the remote?

You will have to do this manually. You can use the buttons that are on the TV to help change out the input.

How do you change the audio setting on a sharp Aquos model lc-c46700un?

Go into the TVs MENU (audio or set up) to adjust this.

Your friend dose not have a HDMI slot on his tv for your ps3 how can you change it back to the cable box without seeing the screen?

Use the TV remote to change the TV back to the cable box.

How do you switch inputs on the dynex tv without the remote?

To change Input on the Dynex television without the remote, a person can use the channel selector buttons. Change the channel manually to the lowest possible number, then go lower until the right Input is reached.

How do you change the input on a Sylvania tv without the remote control?

you cant....

Why does your TV audio cut out when you turn on your head set for playstation 3?

You can go to your setting menu and change that so only your conversations will be over the headset

If I accidentally change the output setting to 480p on a Wii is there any way to change it back to 480i on my TVs which don't support progressive scan without using the settings menu?

Turn off your Wii, unplug the video cable, turn on the Wii with the cable unplugged, this will force it to start in standard definition. Now it should be easy to navigate the menus and change your preferred display resolution to 480i.

How do you unlock a TV without a remote?

how do i unlock my TV (Maxent 42' TV ) do not have a remote. Menu does not apperar volume is full blast channels dont change HELP

How do you turn on closed caption on your HDTV?

Your HDTV should have a place where you can change several setting like picture, sound etc. If you find that, turn on the setting for closed caption. Every TV has a different way of getting to the custom setting. If you can't find it ask in the store or read the instruction book. It should be there. Sometimes you can find this information on the internet. a littke.

How can you change your symphonic tv to video 1 or video 2 without a remote?

Try changing the channel to where channel 1 would be. Some tvs have the video inputs there.

How do you use your PS3 with HDMI?

you have to buy the hdmi cable that connects the ps3 to the tv. also you have to have the hdmi setting on the tv to view it and you have to change the settings on the ps3 to read hdmi not default. the instructions should all be in the ps3 handbook that came with the system.

How do you change brightness on black ops?

At the main menu, go to options and select brightness and from there you can change the level. However, modern TV's and HDTV's now have a black level setting that may interfere with Gaming video exposure. To remedy this you must modify the video settings of your TV set.

Are the xbox 360 hd cables compatible with the new xbox 360?

they usually are in fact if its the new xbox its based on a standard and HDTV setting, all you need to do is change the tv settings for your xbox, its as easy as pi.

Comcast TV keeps telling me I have no signal when I turn on my TV, what do I do?

The problem maybe as simple as needing to change your input setting on your TV. To do this locate the input button your remote or TV and cycle through to see if you pick up a signal. If this does not work you may need to call Comcast and ask to have your wiring checked something could have damaged the wires.

Can I create a website that distributes copyrighted TV shows through megavideo veoh etc without getting into trouble?

No; there's a reason all the movie and TV download sites change URLs so frequently.

How do you get a PS3 to work with Coby TFTV1923?

The information for that model indicates that it has a HDMI input that should be connected to both the TV and the PS3. You must purchase the optional HDMI cable and the TV setting must be set to the HDMI if it does not automatically change to that when you turn on the settings. a link to the PlayStation knowledge center

How do you change the violence setting on modern warfare 2?

Try going into the options and change the setting from there.

How do I change the picture size on my TV without the remote control Toshiba?

What's the exactly model of your Toshiba, if it`s smart and you have WI-FI connection you can do through your laptop.

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