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it play the role of a mitchodrion but in this case is in the computer!!:)

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What are the function of find and replace in Microsoft Word in the computer?

With find you can search the document for a certain word or character string. With replace you can replace all instances of a word or character string by a different one. That can save you a lot of time.

Can computer replace man?

No - it can't function in a power cut - and when it goes wrong it needs man to find the fault and repair it.

Which function is similar to the Find and Replace feature in excel?

the SUBSTITUTE function

What command do you give a computer if you want to replace a word written in several places in a document with another word?

It is best to use the Find and Replace function in Microsoft Word. Shortcut: Ctrl+H

Which scripting utility allows you to find patterns and replace these patterns with alternate text?

The "Find & Replace" function of a text editor.

How do you replace pata hard disk to sata hard disk?

to make the computer function

What is the function of SEARCH on the computer?

Search is a computer`s option and can find any file or information in your computer. You can find the optin press F3.

Basic function of computer?

what the basic function of computer

What is search and replace in a computer?

You will tell the computer to find the term "whatever you tell it" and it will replace it with "whatever term you tell it" For example, "I don't like Legos" Search for "don't" Replace with "do" Now it says "I do like Legos"

Computer icon names and its function?

Computer icons function

What are the Types of computer buses and its function?

computer bus types&function

Is calculation a main function of a computer?

Calculation is the only function of a computer!

What is the function of the windows desktop on a computer?

function is a choice of computer operation

Do you think that network computer will replace personal computer in many applications?

Do you think that network computer will replace personal computer in many applications?" Do you think that network computer will replace personal computer in many applications?"

Where can one find disc duplicators for a computer?

One can find the disc duplicators for a computer on Amazon or lightscribe. A disc duplicator has lower disc capacity, and function alongside your computer separately. They are not built in hardware options.

Bad voltage regulator 1994 Grand Cherokee limited?

The regulator is part of the engine computer. You will have to replace the computer.The regulator is part of the engine computer. You will have to replace the computer.

How do you find the output of the function if the input is -2?

You replace the relevant variable with -2, and do any calculation, lookup, etc., specified in the function definition.

Can you replace a formula with its function so it can remain constant?

No but if you replace a constant with a function it will remain a formula

What if you can't get to the program my computer?

Use the search function to find it. If you're talking about "My Computer" on your desktop, that just takes you to the contents of your hard drive.

What are the function and duties of a computer microprocessor?

The main function of this part of the computer is to read scripts and process computer programs.

What does a computer need so that it will function?

computer need its main component c.p.u to function .

How do you replace the on board computer on a club car golf cart?

replace on board computer

What is the difference between computer structure and computer function?

i think computer structure is just a drawing of computer in a postal or book while computer function is just like the purpose of a computer.

What temperature must your environment be for your computer to function at its best?

Normal temperatures you find in any home or office.

What is the function of the replace parameter in Oracle?

The function of the replace parameter in Oracle is to replace a sequence of characters in a string with other characters, usually in sets of characters.