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Everything that has occurred in the last 4.6 billion years of geologic time has led to everything we perceive as being good, past or present. Even potatoes as referenced in a previous answer. Earth doesn't know good or bad. Good and bad is a philosophical query.

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Q: On a geologic time scale what are some good things that have happened to the Earth since the beginning?
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What are geologic events?

Geologic events are events that happened in the past; such as when dinosaurs lived on Earth.

Geologic events most probably occurred?

Most likely in the beginning of Earth when the Earth was shifting and creating landforms.

What are three things scientists learned about earth beginning in the 1800s?

what are three things scientist learned about earth beginning in the 1800's

What happened in the beginning of the good earth?

The protagonist gets himself a wife.

When did the geologic time scale of earth start?

Planet Earth is believed to be 4.5 to 5 billion years old. Geologic time for Earth started when Earth "started".

For what fraction of geologic time life has existed on earth for what fraction of geologic time have human existed on the earth?

Approx 1/22500 of it.

Why is the geologic time scale used to show earth history?

because the time span of earth past is so great geologic

What do lava samples tell scientists about what has happened to the earth magnetic field over geologic time?

The magnetic field periodically changes its orientation.

What is geologic evolution?

The scientific study of the Earth

What fraction or percent of geologic time have land plants been present on earth?

Land plants have existed for roughly 9% of the geologic history of Earth.

What happened between the time god created earth and Adam?

He Created MORE Things On Earth .

What happened in 1998?

A lot of things happened on earth in 1998. One thing that happened Off the earth was the flight of 77 year old John Glen into space for the second time in his life.

What is the purpose of the geologic time scale?

The scale outlines the development of Earth and life on Earth.

What is the time range of Precambrian Era?

Precambrian time - The period in the geologic time scale from the formation of the Earth to the beginning of the Palezonoic era, from about 4.6 billion to 543 million years ago.

Has the amount of uranium in Earth increased over geologic time Has the amount of lead in Earth increased?

The amount of uranium decreasesd, the amount of lead increased over geologic times.

What do you called the scale of time that records the events about the history of the earth?

Geologic Time. It's called the Geologic Time Scale.

What is geologic time?

the time that has passed since earth formed

The geologic time scale is a record of what?

The history of planet Earth.

A record of events in earth history?

geologic time scale

How is the geologic time scale a representation of the history of earth?


What is the natural history of earth is measured?

it is measured by geologic time

Why is the geologic time scale used to show Earth's history?

because the time span of earth past is so great geologic

Why is geologic time scale used to show earth's history?

because the time span of earth past is so great geologic

How is the geologic time scale used in science?

A geologic time scale is a scale that was developed by scientists to show when and for how long different events happened in the Earth's history. Some events included on the scale are when plant life appeared, when mountains were formed and when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The geologic time scale divides Earth's history into periods such as the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods.

What are some geologic events?

I believe the history of the creation of the earth is one.

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