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CAPPED in telco-speak means it's a fixed rate. It will not go higher, though it can go lower.

2006-07-21 11:55:00
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Can You Turn a minute phone on?

A minute phone uses minutes purchased in advance. The minute phone is considered one once the minutes are bought and the code is put into the phone so yes a minute phone can be turned on.

What is a pre paid cell phone plan?

A prepaid cell phone plans lets you pay for your minutes. If you pay $20 for a plan for twenty-cents a minute, you will get 500 minutes total for your plan.

What is the best prepaid cell phone company?

Net 10 is the best it only is 10 cents per minute and texts are five cents. Net 10 is the best it only is 10 cents per minute and texts are five cents. How about Metro Pcs $50.00 a month, with unlimited minutes and texting with no contract.

How much does Go Phone charge per minute on their prepaid phones?

The Go Phone is a prepaid phone provided by AT&T. It charges ten cents per minute.

A long distance telephone company advertised the rates of 5 minutes for 85 cents and 10 minutes for 1.10 Use a linear equation to find the cost of a 25 minute phone call?


Are there any companies that offer one a cell phone plan without having to sign a contract?

All four major cell phone companies offer such plans. The cost per minute ranges from 10 cents to 35 cents, depending on how many minutes you buy.

How much do sprint prepaid phones cost?

"This depends a lot on which phone you choose when you set up your plan, as well as how many minutes you buy at a time, as buying more minutes costs less per minute. But if you chose a free phone, and bought only 250 minutes at a time, it would cost you 6 cents/minutes."

The call was 1 hour and 25 minutes long her phone company charges 22 a minute for the first 20 minutes 15 for the next 20 minutes and 03 per minute after that what was the cost of her bill?

1 hour and 25 minutes = 85 minutes = 20 minutes @ 22 a minute + 20 minutes @ 15 a minute + 45 minutes @ 03 a minute = 440 + 300 + 135 = 875

What is a capped Mobile phone plan?

A capped mobile phone plan is one which has a hard cut-off for the number of minutes, texts, or amount of data used. Once this threshold is met, service will be disrupted until the next month begins or more money is added.

How much is 20 cents per minute for 8 hours a day phone call equal?


Can the Rumor Phone be used on prepaid calling or pay as you go.?

Rhe Rumor phone can be used as pay as you go or prepaid. The pay as you go is ten cents a minute. The prepaid plans are $19.99 for 150 minutes, $29.99 for 300 minutes and $39.99 for 450 minutes. There are also plans for text messaging, AOL instant messaging, There is also a mandatory charge of 32 cents a day regardless of which plan you choose. This averages out to about $10 a month.

How many minutes on a 10.00 top up phone call for 10p per minute?

100 minutes (1000/10)

Can any cell phone be a minute phone?

I don't fully understand your question. All cell phone plans are measure by minutes. I.E.: my cell phone plan consists of 1000 minutes. They determine their over charge by minutes etc... If you are talking about Go phones, they are also determined by minutes.

One phone plan charges a 20 monthly fee and 0.08 per minute on every phone call made Another phone plan charges a 12 monthly fee and 0.12 per minute for each call After how many minutes would th?

200 minutes

Which prepaid phone is better net10 or tracfone?

Depends how much you use it. I have owned both a net10 phone and a tracfone. If you make many calls and send a lot of texts then I would definitely go with a net10 - they even have several phones that you can get 3 cent/minute texting. It's always 10 cents/minute of calling - anytime, anywhere. Net10 also has a great selection of more modern looking phones. Tracfone would be much better if you only use your phone occasionally and don't need a lot of minutes. For paying the same price as a net10 minute card, you will get 3 times the amount of service days, but fewer minutes. This means that although you have fewer minutes, your minutes will last longer. You can also buy at $24 "Double minutes for life" card which will double the minute cards that you buy. For example, if you buy a 60 minute card, it will give you 120 minutes. Some tracfones come with the Double minutes for life which is also nice. So evaluate how much you talk on the phone and how much you would be using it. Net10 is better for a more highly used phone, and tracfone better for a phone that you use less.

How much is it to pay monthly for a LG Neon go phone?

It depends... you can buy a $25 card and each minute you talk on the phone is 25 cents. But, if you wanted to get unlimited text you could use $20 out of the $25 card for unlimited texting and the other $5 for calling minutes

Do you need a prepaid phone to use prepaid Verizon minutes?

Ya u do unless you have minutes already on the phone but later down line you will need the prepaid minute card!

Can You Turn a minute phone on with a real number?

The minute phone, when purchased, has it's own number programed within once it is activated with the minutes card. The phone cannot, however, be turned on with another type of phone company service if that is what is being asked.

How do minutes work on a track phone?

You purchase a track phone. You then buy cards with minutes. Typical is 20 bucks for a 60 minute card. Text messages usually use up only .30 of a minute, so you got 60 minutes - you really got 120 texts. Should you run out of usually either have a certain time period to recharge it or lose your phone number.

What is the difference between a pay-as-you-go phone and a TracFone?

The difference is mostly the cost per minute of use. A Go-phone is usually 1.00 for each day of use and .10 a minute; 2.00 would get you 10 minutes of use. A Tracphone is usually .25 a minute; 2.00 would get you 8 minutes.

What was the length of a phone call that cost 7.27 the rate was 0.55 for the first minute and 0.28 for each additional minute?

$7.27 - $0.55 = 1 minute / Remaining $6.72 $6.72/0.28 = 24 minutes. 24*0.28 = 6.72. 24 + 1 Minute = 25 minutes.

Ginger made a phone call to her friend in Raleigh The call was 1 hour and 25 minutes long Her phone company charges 0.22 a minute for the first 20 minutes 0.15 for the next 20 minutes and 0.03?


What are the highest paying phone actress companies?

A variety of companies exist that have varying payscales. Some pay as low as 10 cents a minute, some pay a whopping 2 dollars a minute.

What is the price for a subscription on a Firefly cell phone?

The Firefly children's phone has several subscription plans. If calls will be short they have a $0.15/minute plan, if you prefer to have a set amount of minutes they have a 145 minute plan that costs $21.75, or if you want unlimited minutes it's only $65.00/month.

What's a good service that offers cell phone service with no annual plans?

Try using those pay as you go phones where you can purchase a certain amount of minutes with no contract. Tmobile offers this and there are several other companies as well which you can find at your local electronics store. I don't talk on the phone much, so I have a T-Mobile pay-as-you-go phone. The cost is 10 cents a minute when minutes are bought in bulk.