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Its at a 8 on the scale, my sister got braces and it hurt so much!

she could barely talk. so 8 to 9.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-26 18:28:13
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Q: On a scale from one to ten how much do braces hurt when you get them on?
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If you are 11 years of age will braces hurt?

does getting braces hurt?, cuz i will get braces i dont know when i want one but i dont know will it hurt or not

How can pressure be measured in units?

easy: on a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt??

Do braces hurt when comes off?

The act of removing braces can hurt sometimes if the orthodontist has to exert considerable force to detach them. However, one's teeth do not hurt once the braces are removed. There is a strange sensation, but mostly that it is the noticeable absence of the constant level of pain/discomfort that was present while the braces were on.

Does getting a tooth extracted and getting braces hurt?

When you first get braces, it will hurt for a couple days. To stop the pain so much, eat soft food like mash, baked beans, yoghurt ect. Afrter about a week, you wont even realise you have braces! Sorry, I cant help you on the other one!

What is the difference between invisible braces and metal braces?

One you pop in and the other you wear for 1 to 2 years and they hurt all the time.

Can you have braces?

Yes, you can have braces but it is best to get them only if you really need them. edition: My braces were three thousand dollars. Only get them if you need them (again) because they are very expensive. They don't hurt to much, but they aren't awesome feeling. My teeth were really bad but, now they are pretty good. One of my teeth was back on the roof of my mouth for about 2 years. But, always where your retainer after your braces!

Will getting your braces off hurt?

ANSWER:Yes and no. To get the actual braces off doesn't hurt at all but taking the glue off does. It's a really cold feeling and it doesn't hurt your teeth but it hurts your gums. Then you get molds for retainers and they don't hurt one bit. Maybe just a little uncomfortable. Some people say that they hurt after, but I got mine off a few hours ago and they don't hurt one bit! Goodluck! xoxo

How can you make your parents to say yes to sign a form to get braces?

say that your theeth really hurt and then one night wake up and tell them "ow they hurt

Does it hurt when the braces come off?

Not really. Probably one of the simpler dental procedures. You will miss them for a while though.

Why do one tooth hurt more with braces?

Sometimes, one tooth may need more straightening than another, so the braces pull on that tooth more, and causes it to feel more painful than other teeth.

Where could one find the price of how much braces cost?

One can find the price of braces for teeth at dental and orthodontic sites. Increasingly, invisible braces are becoming more common because of companies like Invisalign.

Why do the people who take One Direction's pictures edit Niall's braces out?

They don't. The braces aren't meant to show that much in pictures, just close ups you can see he is wearing braces.

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