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On animal crossing wild world how do you plant a money tree?


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You would have to find an empty space where you can see and remember where the money tree is first. If you want to take away a tree, use an axe to cut it down. It will hit the tree three times and fall. Use a golden shovel to dig out the stump. Go to your inventory. I suggest that you take out 50,000 bells or more to and bury it. It depends on the amount of bells because 50,000 bells means that the growing of a money will be 50%. 60,000 is 60% 70,000 is 70% and so on

The larger the amount is the greater the chance will be. Bury your lump of money and wait for four days and you will see your money tree. Once you shake it, the money can never ever grow back. It's not like the fruits. You will get 90,000 bells once you shake your money tree and keep the remaining bells.