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On average from Kansas City Mo to Nashville TN How many gallons of gas to go 600 miles?


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2006-07-23 18:14:58
2006-07-23 18:14:58

if your car does 20 miles to the gallon then divide 600miles by 20mpg. Answer 30 gallons


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Liberal, Kansas to Perryton, Texas is 47 miles. If you average 23.5 mpg, you will use 2 gallons. Kansas City, Kansas to El Paso, Texas is 940 miles. If you average 23.5 mpg, you will use 40 gallons. Since you have not indicated your starting point, your destination, your vehicle, your vehicle's average fuel consumption, your driving style and whether you will be traveling on interstates or rural highways, all we can say is that is probable that you will use somewhere between 2 and 40 gallons.

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mpg means "miles per gallon" which is calculated as the distance travelled in miles divided by the fuel used in gallons. mpg = miles/gallons → mpg × gallons = miles → gallons = miles/mpg ie if you know the average mpg for your vehicle over a distance (in miles), then the amount of fuel used (in gallons) can be calculated by dividing the distance by the (average) mpg.

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The driving distance from Kansas City, Missouri to Nashville Tennessee is 554 miles via I-65 N per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 8 hours and 25 minutes.

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Me? 109 miles/27 = 4.037 gallons ============== That is an average.

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