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The vast majority (99.9%) of cruise ship deaths is people dying of natural causes, they would have died even if they were in their home or in their car. Cruise ships have mortuaries and procedures for handling the death of passengers. So if safety is your #1 concern, then concern yourself with personal health: not eating garbage food, regular cardiovascular exercise, and having a strong positive outlook on life with a strong social network. The odds of dying on a cruise ship (in your lifetime) due to things outside of your control (murder, sinking, or someone else's accident) is 1 in tens of millions. The odds of you dying in an automobile accident in your lifetime is about 1 in 100.

One indication of how safe cruise ships are is to examine the coroners' offices reports near major ports. Between 1999 and 2007, the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office in Florida reported 97 cruise ship deaths; the Miami Dade County Medical Examiner's Office recorded 33 cruise ship deaths since 2004. Partial data from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office noted 22 cruise ship deaths between 1991 and 2003. As a comparison, about 40,000 people died in car crashes every single year in America.

The average age of cruise passengers is 49, according to the cruise lines association, but on cruises that last longer than a week, the average age shoots up to 64. On Holland America's round-the-world cruises, the average passenger is 75, said Erik Elvejord, a spokesman.

But considering you don't die in the car ride to the cruise ship, and you don't get multiple organ failure for gluttony while on the ship, and you don't die of natural causes. Cruise ships are about the safest place a person can be. Walking down a flight of stairs is more dangerous than being on a cruise ship.

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How do you use cruise in a sentence?

Many people enjoy cruise ships. I like to drive using cruise control.

How many cruise ships sink per year?

On average about 500,000 per year.

What is the average number of passengers on one of Royal Caribbean Cruise line ships?

Most current Royal Caribbean Cruise ships can accommodate between 1,700 and 3,100 passengers. Therefore, the average is around 2,200 passengers. They have ships in development that will accommodate as many as 5,000 passengers!

Are carnival cruise ships cheap?

Some say that carnival cruise ships are cheap. It really just depends on how much you plan to spend on a cruise. I have had many friends go on them before and they have loved them. They are known by many people and are worth checking out.

How many cruise ships in the world?

About 1,000,000,000 cruise ships but like 1/3 of them are completely unknown and useless.

How many cruise ships are being built?


How many people are on board a cruise ship on any given day?

Which ship? Or do you mean the total of all the cruise ships in the world?

How many floors in the cruises have?

Depends on the size of the ship. I was on a Viking River cruise and the ship had three decks. Huge ships like the big cruise ships can hold 8,000 people and have 8 decks.

How many tons is an average cruise ship?

Many of the modern cruise ships average around 100,000 gross tons. they range from 80,000 tons to one that is being built by the Royal Caribbean line that will weigh in at 220,000 gross tons.

How many cruise ships are in operation today?

As of 2008, Cruise Line International Association reported 185 total ships in their North American member cruise lines. http://www.cruising.org

How many Carnival Cruise ships have sunk or crashed?

It is fairly rare for a Carnival Cruise ship to crash, however, there have been two crashes. There are no reports of cruise ships that have sunken though.

The Best Cruise Ships Are Often Smaller?

When seeking to identify the best cruise ships and cruise deals, consumers should always remember smaller cruise lines. Smaller cruise ships offer passage at competitive prices. In addition, many cruise ship patrons report enjoying themselves far more when they cruise on smaller ships. Smaller ships offer a more personalized experience for consumers. With a higher ratio of crew to passengers, service is also greatly improved.

On average how many cruise ship accidents are reported per year?

On average there are about 4-5 cruise ship accidents reported per year. This includes crippled, damaged and sunken ships. The last one was in February in Baghdad.

Why do people go on cruise ships?

On cruise ships, you can go to many destinations and places in just one place, inside a cruise you get all the things you get in a hotel but on the sea, plus when you buy your passes (Tickets) you are already paying the food, so in a cruise there "free" food, it is an experience of a lifetime, and currently my favorite vacation!

Where any cruise ships in the earthquake area?

Yes. Many ships are on shore now and crashed into other ships on the coast of Japan.

How many ships does PO Cruises own?

P & O Cruises is the oldest cruise line in the world. It is a British-American cruise line operated out of Southampton, England. It currently operates seven cruise ships.

How many rooms in a cruise ship?

The number of cabins on a cruise ship varies dramatically because the size of cruise ships differs widely.

What is the popular port of call for cruise ships in Nova Scotia?

We have two, possibly more, ports of call for cruise ships in Nova Scotia. Halifax, Nova Scotia is our capital city. Sydney, Nova Scotia also receives many cruise ships throughout the season.

How many types of ships are there?

some types of ships are: ferry cruise ship frigate destroyer aircraft carrier

How many ships does Norwegian Cruise Line have?

Norwegian cruise line currently has eleven ships. It began operations in 1966 as Norwegian Carribean line. Right now Norwegian Cruise Line controls approximately 8% of the world wide share of the cruise market.

What are the names of some Princess cruise ships?

There are many cruise ships that make up the Princess Cruises fleet. These include the Caribbean Princess, Coral Princess, Crown Princess, Dawn Princess and many more.

How many ships does Celebrity Cruise have?

The Celebrity Cruise has eleven ships at their disposal. Five in the Solstice Class, four in the Millennium Class, one in the Century Class, and one in the Celebrity Xpedition.

Are there any ships bigger than the titanic?

Many ships are bigger, including Oasis-class cruise ships and Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

What Cruise ships have the best ratings?

There are many Cruise Ships with high ratings and it all depends on what kind of budget you have to spend. Carnival and Disney Cruise Lines particularly stand out if you have children as the offer very comprehensive child and teen programs.

How many people work on a cruise ship?

how many people work in a cruise ship line

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