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On average how much pocket money does a teenager get a month?

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Also it depends on how much money your parents earn ( income ).

Also it depends if you have generous parent(s) :D

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On average, how much do nursing homes cost per month?

Nursing homes cost on average 4000-8000 dollars a month which can be paid for with Medicare, Medicaid, or out of pocket.

How many text messages does the average teenager send?

My 13 year old in 30 days sent AND received a total of 15,000+. The average teenager sends around 3,000 to 3,500 per month.

How much money does a paleontologist make in a month on average?

about 6000 dollars a month

What is average income?

the average amount of money a person can get a week, month in 1900

Whats the average amount of money lawers get in a month?

The average is about well it depends on how many cases you do.

How many times per month does a teenager drink?

It depends on the teenager you're talking about!!

How much money does one average teenager spend a year?

Teenagers spend about 2,000 dollars every years. Estimating teens spend 50 dollars a month on clothing and media. Multiple 50 by 12 and you can approximately get 600.

How much money does the average person in china make in a month?


How much money do movies make on average?

About $100,000 per month

How much money does a physicist earn in a month?

$9,000 - $10,000 on average

How much does a teenager make in a month?


How much money does goldsmith make in a month?

I would say an average of £2500

How much money is invested in the average small business?

About 7000$ in a in a month probobally

How smoking affects money?

an average smoker wastes about $300 dollars a month!

How much money will earn pharmacist for month in Brazil?

800 pesos - on average

How much money did average in a month in 1904?

I believe it is $8 a week so $34 a month and that was the guys who are working in the factories

How much money do you get a month for being a nurse?

the average nurse gets paid 25,000 a month -guessed right -supreet atwal

How much money does an average Japanese person make a month?

7 grains of rice

What is the average amount of money spent in restaurants per month?

75 - 100 bucks

How much money does the average logger make?

If you are Riddle or Zach, about 60,000 dollars a month...

How much money does an average person in russia make?

1000 dollars each month

How much money do the average people make in Romania?

Approx. 500 US $/month.

How much retirement money do teachers get?

The average teacher gets about 10,000 dollars a month.

What is the average money a pediatrician makes?

paediatricians make about 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a month.

How much money does a dentist earn a month?

On average the dentist makes $138K a year so you need to divide this by 12 and you will get per month.