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On bleach what is a bankai?

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In the anime Bleach there are three levels to each Zanpakuto. The first one is sealed, this looks like a regular Katana. Next is Shikai, this form is the "First Release". In special cases like Ichigo's the Zanpakuto stays in Shikai form. Last is the Bankai and the answer to your question. Bankai is the "Second Release". It grants the user the ability to use their spiritual powers to the limit.

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What is the head captains bankai in bleach?

Actually he has used bankai in the manga chapter 506

What do you need to get bankai in bleach training 2 what lv i need soukatsui for bankai?

You need level 4 Soukatsui for Bankai, my sword is the best, its called bailing, epic bankai.

What are the names of the Bankai in Bleach?

There are a number of Bankai characters in the animated show Bleach. Some of them are Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji Abarai, Sajin Komamura and Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Is Ichigo the only Shinigami with a compressed bankai on Bleach?

Ichigo is the only soul reaper with a compressed bankai.

In the bleach anime who is the first person to use a bankai?

Mayuri Kurotsuchi used bankai first in his battle with Uryu Ishida

In Bleach DS 4th Flame Bringer how do you use the Bankai?

Up+X activates the Bankai it depends if you SR bar is at 0%.

What is bleach bankai revolution?

A modification for the game Little Fighter 2.

What episode of bleach did ichigo achieve bankai?

Ichigo achieves his bankai in episode 51, Morning of the Sentence. With the help from Kisuke's method that he himself used to achieve his bankai, and special training instructions from Yoruichi Shihouen

Bankai Toshiro on bleach vs Naruto?

It is possible to achieve bankai for Hitsugaya-Taichou in any Naruto vs. Bleach flash game (0.1 - 0.95), but not how you want it. The way to do it is to press S and then I when you have a 3x multiplayer on your power level.

Can hitsugaya turn bankai in Naruto vs bleach?

yes but only a couple of seconds.

Who is the strongest lieutenant of bleach?

I believe that it is Renji Abari because he knows bankai! aliceuser7292

Where can you get ichigo bankai cosplay costume online?

Try QQCosplay.com They carry lots of Bleach costumes.

What is the cheat for Bleach Bankai Revolution?

1 of them is lf2.net which unlocks some hollows a menos and bankai ichigo but theres others apparently in which u get chad and some other ppl

On bleach third phantom can you get shikai and bankai by increasing weapon level?

No, it doesn't matter as the game goes on, you get your Shikai, boy or girl. But if you're a boy, you don't ever get a Bankai. If you're a girl, near the end of the game you get the best Bankai in the whole game.

Does dragonfable have bleach weapons in it?

There is zangetsu (in both shikai and bankai forms) and you can get them from cicero's shop on dragon coins :|

What are the cheats for Bleach vs Naruto?

press wwith j to get bankai ichigo nine tale naruto

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