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No, you can not have a cub condo with out a furry friend, you need at least one furry friend to enter your cub condo.

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Q: On build a bearvillie can you have a club condo without a furry friend?
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Can you get a cub condo in build a bearville?

Yes, you can get a cub condo in Bearville if you purchase a furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop and enter the Animal ID and Keycode for your furry friend online.

How do you get a club condo on Build-a-Bearville?

to get a condo you have to have a bear from babw and it will give you a exterier, interier and a room for your furry friend!!! you can buy rooms from the lumbear yard.

How do you get your furry friend to walk around on build a bear ville?

you can't. unless it's at your condo.

How do you get a cub condo on build a bearville?

You get a Cub Condo on Build-a-Bearville by buying a pet and registering it. Then, the condo will be added to your account.

How do you build a cub condo on build a bear ville answer it?

you have to have a furry friend ,when you have one, use your animal id code and key code ☺:) there you go

How do you buy a house on build a bear?

you need to get a furry friend in order to get a cub condo. Sorry. You can get a furry friend at Build a Bear Workshop or order one online at Hope this helped!

How do you get your bear out of your backpack on build-a-bearville?

You can't get your Build-A-Bear out of your backpack when you are walking around Build-A-Bearville, you can only change the furry friend in the backpack. But Your furry friend does come out of its' backpack when you go into your Cub Condo or into the Gym at Bear University.

Can you get a cub condo without a bear on build a bear?

no but you can play around and trade but u cant buy furniture but you can have clothes and go in others cub condo to have a house you have a bear

Couch cheats for Build-a-Bearville?

there are no couch cheats for build a bearville.You have to have a cub condo and then buiy a couch and put it in you condo

What do you do when you get the spots game where is the sound in Build-a-Bearville?

you go to your cub condo then press your furry friend two times then you can see your sounds

How do you take out your furry friend out of your back pack on Build-a-Bearville?

Go to either your cub condo, or a gym, or any place with things to interact with.

How do become a member on build a bear ville?

you have to buy a furry friend then you phot it a box then you get a cub condo and then you will now from there. Thanks love Selena Gomez

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