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You can still become pregnant while on BCP. The only way not to become pregnant is by taking BCP and using condoms during intercourse. But BCP works when you've been taken it for one month. After you receive and finish your first period, BCP will work and you can have unprotected sex.

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How is your last period before you become pregnant?

Normal. When you become pregnant you periods stop until after the birth.

Can a woman be pregnant then become pregnant again the same time?

no. this is because once you have become pregnate the ovary does not release any more eggs until you are not pregnate any more.

Can a rabbit become pregnant at three months?

no. they aren't mature until 6 months.

How do you make a alibas aliens get pregnant?

You make your sim look at the micrspcope until the aliens pick up he/she and later the sim will become pregnant.

Do you have to be on the pill and use a condom to not get pregnant?

The easiest way to not get pregnant, and the safest, AND the most effective, is to not have sex until you are ready to become a mother. Not having sex has a 100% safety rate, it is far and away the safest with 0% chance of getting an STD, 0% chance of getting pregnant, and 0% chance of having emotional problems with a "sex partner."

Mice - How long until can become pregnant after giving birth?

Less than a day.

What is the age for when you can get pregnant?

A woman's ability to become pregnant is not dependent on her age. It is a question of whether the woman's body is able and far enough developed to become pregnant. Typically the availability to become pregnant is tied closely to the beginning of a woman's menstrual cycle which typically does not happen until puberty (generally between the age of 12 - 14).

Can you become pregnant if your IUD is out of place?

Yes, you can get pregnant if your IUD is out of place. If you think it is so, use a backup method until consulting with your health care provider.

You took your first two pills but have missed the next 5 can you get pregnant?

Yes, stay off sex or use a condom until you're back on a regular pattern. Read the instructions for your pills to find out how long it will take for them to become effective again.

When do rabbits reproduce?

They become able to reproduce at about 12-13 weeks, although this is very dangerous and does she not get pregnant until they are atleast 6 months old. They become able to reproduce at about 12-13 weeks, although this is very dangerous and does she not get pregnant until they are atleast 6 months old.

When can a horse get pregnant?

Mares are generally mature enough to become pregnant when they are 2-3 years old although there are many reasons why a young female horse will not become pregnant before they are a year or two older. Most domestic horses are not bred until they older than 3.

Until what age can a dog get pregnant?

A dog can get pregnant until about 9 years of age.

Is there anyway you can get this popular guy to get you pregnant?

Try to make friends with him then become closer and closer until he loves you. Then you´ll get him in bed.

What is something interesting about a seahorse?

The males become pregnant. The males collect the eggs and they are enclosed in a fold on his stomach until they hatch.

How does a guy get pregnant?

Human men can not get pregnant because they don't have the physical equipment required to do so. However, seahorse males can become 'pregnant' because they hold the fertilized eggs in a brood pouch until the eggs hatch.

How does a female guppy get pregnant with no male in tank for two years?

I believe that female guppies can store male sperm in their bodies until the environment is just right and then they will use it to become pregnant at will.

Can a girl get pregnant when they are on the rag?

Yes it is possible for the girl to get pregnant if during her period. Having un-protected sex can cause pregnancy. However the girl is most likely to become pregnant in between the end of her period until the start of it.

How do you know when a guinea-pig is pregnant?

you cant really tell until they become fat. well that was the case with mine. sorry.

When do powers of attorney become effective?

I just did it for my mother and filed it at the courthouse. Was able to be of use same day. Was not able to use until filed.

You missed 2 birth control pills on your first week could you be pregnant?

Yes mot likely you have become pregnant because birth control is not effectively in your system until 1 month.

If you started to take your birth control in the middle of the month a few weeks after your period is it possible for you to get pregnant?

Until you have had at least one full menstrual cycle on the birth control pills, you can get pregnant. You also can still get pregnant while on the pill -- they are 99.9% effective -- leaving that slight, slight chance of pregnancy.

How long did it take Bella to become a vampire?

After Edward and her get married and she gets pregnant and has the baby. It's not until towards the end of Breaking Dawn.

How will you know if your Staffordshire bull terrier is pregnant when in season?

There are no signs of pregnancy until the fifth week after mating, when the nipples become enlarged and often go a darker colour and the Dog will gain weight. It is highly unlikely that your Dog is pregnant unless she has successfully tied with an entire male at least once. Sometimes your vet will be able to do a pregnancy test to try and confirm pregnancy, but there are no simple blood or urine tests that are effective in doing this. I'm sorry but there is very little chance of knowing whether your Dog is pregnant until she is in the later stages of her pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant at 5?

You can not get pregnant until you have reached puberty and ovulates so the normal 5yo can not get pregnant.

How soon can you become pregnant after forgetting to take your birth control pill?

Missing one pill in a packet is not likely to cause you to become pregnant. After missing three or more pills you should use a backup method of BC until you have been back on the pill for 7 days.