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I play real drums and have played GH drums and am quite good at both. Try not hitting it so hard. To fix that little habit just hold the sticks between your thumb and pointer finger. Then with the other fingers, just wrap them around the stick loosely. It will help you hit it softer and have more accuracy with tricky drumrolls. Hope I helped!

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if the game is guitar hero then you need drums with 5 pads on it. the green, red, yellow, and blue colors are used in guitar hero for the drums. i would get the guitar hero drums because they are compatible with all rock band games also.

Yes it can actually, the Guitar Hero Drum Kit and the GH Microphone can also work on Rock Band but you don't use the orange cymbal on the drums

yes it does work for the guitar hero games. If you have an orange cymbal it will work. The 'Smash Hits' only works for the other colors on the Ion drum set since Rock Band does not use an orange pad/cymbal.

You have to hit the Yellow or Orange cymbals.

it sounds to me that it is broken, they break easily and it may need to be replaced i suggest you go on to thewebsite in the related links box its the people who make the drums and they will be happy to send you new parts in exchange for a serial number off your drums / guitar. hope this helps, Jon B-P

Go to setlist.Push start.Scroll down to options.Select drum options.Check or uncheck lefty mode, enable hat pedal, yellow cymbal, blue cymbal or green cymbal.Hit red to exit.

Cymbals were originally invented in China.

drums are awsome..... DRUMS FOR SURE!!

yes... you can do single player in guitar,bass,drums or mic........or you can do band tour on guitar and bass, guitar and drums, guitar and mic, bass and drums, mic and bass, mic and drums.

hit the blue and yellow drums together at the same time when you have star power

You cannot use drums or sing on Guitar Hero 3. The drums work with Guitar Hero World Tour software only.

Hit the yellow and orange symbols at the same time.

You use the drums star power by hitting both the yellow and orange pads at the same time.

The most common are: Hi-hat, snare drum, bass/kick drum, tom-tom drum, floor tom, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, china cymbal.

A drum kit will contain at least four drums. It will also have a floor tom, hanging toms, a hi-hat, a ride cymbal, a splash cymbal, and a ride cymbal.

Hit the yellow and blue pads at the same time. (this works for the Rock Band drums at least)

A double cymbal crash will activate star power. Using the Rockband drums, hit the yellow and blue cymbals at the same time.

Drums: hit both yellow and orange at the same time. Microphone: press the A button on the control pad. Guitar and Bass: lift up the guitar.

Your Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar will work with all Rock Band games but your drums will not work with any of the games because the Guitar Hero Drums have one more pad than the rock band drums

Yes, but not the drums (but a guitar hero drums will work on a rock band game)

Guitar (Berry), piano, bass guitar and drums.

You can purchase the guitar from the catalog in the Lighthouse. You play the drums by only wearing the drums and dancing.