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No. The V2 cannot connect with the V3. If it can, please tell me by commenting on my blog.

If they can connect then yes, as long as they are opposite genders.


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improved: yes all sorts of ways will leave you with to married tamagotchis (vs and v4)

yes they can i have a v2 and a v3 and they connect all the time

You cant because it is a newer model and can only be connected with v5 - tama-go However you canconnect v3 tamagotchis to v1 tamagotchis through to v4.5 ;) Glad i could help

On your v3, go to the connection icon. Do the same on your v4. On the v3, select "others" on your v4, select "others". the two tamagotchis will connect. when this is repeated, the tamagotchis grow bonds with eachother and if theyre opposite genders and theyre adults, they will get married!

You Can't The Music Star Is Newer The The V3. You Can Connect V3 With V4 And V2.

write v2 v3 and v4 of wear

if you are talking about where you buy them, any toystore would do, walmart, taget, toys are us... etc. many places have tamagotchis. as for me, i own: mini tama-> walmart v2 v3 v4 v4.5 v5 v6 --MewMew

• USB v1 is 1.5 Mbit/s • USB v1.1 is 12 Mbit/s • USB v2 is 480 Mbit/s • USB v3 is 5Gbps

yes, im binary from tamatalk tamatalk has alot of hin ts

david madienguela that's has it

Flashman V2: the purple dead-end by ACDC Square. Flashman V3: random battles in ACDC 2. Beastman V2: the purple dead-end in Sci-Lab 1. Beastman V3: random battles in Lan's doghouse, using sneakrun. (Lan has a dog? Where's it been this whole time? Scratch that, it's an alarm system.) Bubbleman V2: the press-path dead-end by the bugfrag trader in Yoka 1. Bubbleman V3: random battles in Beach 1 while you are at critical health. Desertman V2: the square to the right of the hospital security cube in Beach 1 Desertman V3: random battles in the Ura Inn tv. Plantman V2: a dead-end in Undernet 4. Plantman V3: random battles in HospComp 3. Flamman V2: a dead-end in Undernet 5. Flamman V3: random battles around the water heater in Yoka 1 while using Oilbody. Drillman V2: behind the bugfrag trader in Undernet 6. Drillman V3: random battles in HadesNet. All the other V2 and V3 navis, like Mistman, Gutsman, etc., are located in their original spots or from their operator. SPOILER!!!! Darkman V2: a dead-end in Secret 1. Darkman V3: random battles in Undernet 6 with a bug in the NaviCust. Yamatoman V2: a dead end in Secret 2 (or 3). Yamatoman V3: random battles in the samurai armor in the Ura Inn. Yes, Yamatoman. Not Japanman, Yamatoman.

a+b =pause for v3, v2, v4, v5. love jansu

If that's v3 + 8v, the answer is v(v2 + 8)

Connect your tama with any other pet of the opposite gender, or wait for the matchmaker to come.

a tamagotchis adult is whan your tamagotchis grows up to an adult you cot marry your tama play new games.

you battle the bosses v2 and v3 formes until you get them

go to the connection thingo top right corner. and go to others. you have to do the same with the other tamagotchi. i know you can do it with v3 coz i do it.u can't! end of conversation!

NO hi cant communicate with v1,v2,v3,v4,v4.5

To draw a random triangle.... Declare six variables.... H1 and V1 H2 and V2 H3 and V3 Then using the random function apply the random to the height of your form - this will be H1 Do the same with the width of the form - this will be V1 -- do this twice more, for H2 and V2 - and then for H3 and V3.. Then draw a line from (H1, V1) to (H2, V2) Draw another line from (H1, V1) to (H3, V3) Draw the last line from (H2, V2) to (H3, V3) -- I can't guarantee it will look great, but it _will_ be a triangle. ==== To draw a specific triangle you need much more coding, involving sine rule an other trigonometry.

The V2 is a older model but performs very well. The V3 is black in color and has a power upgrade of 200 watts. I personally like the look and performance of the V3. Give us a call to place your order 800-854-5821.

A tamagotchi can marry a friend.

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