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You can tell by at the top by the pokemon's level it will have either a (+) circle with a plus sign on the bottom, or a circle with an arrow at the top. THE CIRCLEPLUS IS FEMALE THE CIRCLEAROW IS MALE

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How famous is pokemon?

Pokemon is known all over the world. The video games are the best selling video games in the entire world.

How do you get Pokemon video games from a cheap price?

just buy used pokemon video games, gamestop sells used games for 20 dollars or less

How do you get wordan in Pokemon pearl for DS?

Wormadam is a Pokemon from the Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum video games. It is obtained by leveling a female Burmy to level 20. A male Burmy will not evolve into Wormadam, but instead into Mothim.

Where can one buy Pokemon video games?

Pokemon video games are published by Nintendo, first released for the Game Boy system and continued on to each generation of Nintendo's handhelp games. Pokemon video games can be bought from online retailers such as Amazon. Used games can also be found on the online auction website, eBay.

What were the first Pokemon video games?

Pokemon yellow,blue,red,and green

Is there a phobia for Pokemon?

There is no specific phobia for Pokemon. There is no known phobia for video games, either, of which Pokemon is.

What do you call a male that plays as a female in video games?

A gamer who prefers the female characters in that game.

When will they make another poke'mon video game?

They are going to make Pokemon black and Pokemon white versions(the next Pokemon video games) in spring 2011.

What are some Nintendo DS video games?

Some Nintendo DS video games are Nintendogs, Harvest Moon DS, and various Pokemon games.

Can you get a level X Pokemon on the video games?

No you cant in the Games but with the cards that you canbuyin shops

Can Pokemon die in video games?

Pokemon can die as there are towers where deceased pokemon are buried. But your own player's pokemon can never be killed.

Should you still play Pokemon video games?

yes you should Pokemon has an excellent line of video games and toys it is a very good hobby to have.I love Pokemon! Actually that's all I've been thinking about this week!

Which games offer virtual pets?

There are several games on the market and online that offer virtual pets as the focus of the game. Video games such as Nintendogs features puppies as virtual pets, as well as video games in the Pokemon series of video games.

What is the name of the female artist that in her music video she is playing a piano that is falling apart and aging?

Missy Higgins Scar

Where can you buy Pokemon games?

eb games is the video game head quarters buy everything from them

Why aren't berries from Pokemon real?

Video games are fictional stories.

Who play video games the most male or female?

Males. By about 8 to 1.

How do you make a Pokemon follow you?

In video games, the only version you can make your Pokemon follow you is in Pokemon yellow ( only pikachu), Pokemon heartgold, and Pokemon soulsilver

Does Nintendo own anything apart from video games?

Well no Nintendo is just a video game company nothing more nothing less

What is the weakness of fighting type pokemon?

Fighting type Pokemon are weak against flying and Psychic types in the Pokemon video games.

Who made Pokemon cards?

Game Freak, creator of Pokemon video games and anime, also has done and made the Pokemon cards.

When was Pokemon LeafGreen created?

Pokemon LeafGreen is a role-playing video game and is a member of the Pokemon series.It was released in Japan in January 2004 but in fact was a remake of Pokemon Red and Blue video games released in 1996.

Where can you find a real Pokemon?

no where only in video games but if you think Pokemon are real but invisabile thene yes they are real

How do you create your own Pokemon moves?

You can't create your own moves in Pokemon video games, unless if you hack.

Is there going to be a Lego Pokemon video games?

for kids? who knows? well see.

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