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The standoff takes place in a bank.

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What was the TV show Standoff about?

Standoff was an American Drama that premiered on Fox network in 2006. It was about FBI negotiators. It lasted a total of one season and had 18 episodes.

What are the release dates for Hostage - 2010 III?

Hostage - 2010 III was released on: USA: 26 June 2010 (Athens Horror Show: Shorts Program)

What are the release dates for The Nate Berkus Show - 2010 Design Hostage His and Hers 1-21?

The Nate Berkus Show - 2010 Design Hostage His and Hers 1-21 was released on: USA: 11 October 2010

Which show had a character named nine?

The movie is called Nine. And the character is also named Nine.

What are the release dates for The Wendy Williams Show - 2008 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5-5?

The Wendy Williams Show - 2008 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5-5 was released on: USA: 20 September 2013

What tv show has a charactar named nine?

I can't find any TV characters named Nine.

How do you be famous at nine years old?

Well if you want to become famous you just have to practice a lot and believe in your self like Miley Cyrus did she was nine and look where she is now she made movies, she has concerts everywhere, and she has her ownTV show, place she has awesome fans!

If you bet a Horse to win do you get paid for the place and show and if the Horse wins and you have a bet to show and place do you get paid?

When you place a Trifecta bet you get paid for win-place and show. Their are multiple ways to wager.

How do sedimentary rocks show the conditions of a place?

Sedimentary rocks show the conditions of a place by

How do you beat whindy 2?

Acquire a great amount of skill or luckHack itHold the producers hostage and force them to show you how(please add to this list)

What is nine less than half of a number?

it is a linear equation often used in graphs where you insert a number for x half it then subtract 9 to graph it you use the no. you inserted as x to show a place on the x axis and the answer for its place on the y axis.

How many years was the show Seinfeld on television?

The show ran for nine seasons no I mean " for how many years has it been on" thnxx anyways.... I go to lurnea school and I need the answer anyone help me please:) p.s do you mean nine years or nine seasons

How old do you have to be to show a dog?

Any age! In fact, I've seen a nine year old show a yorkie.

How did Odysseus travel from place to place?

He Had Someone To Show Him The Way

How old is the wizards of Waverly place show?

The Wizards of Waverly Place show is 3 years old. It premiered in 2009.

What movie and television projects has David Spooner been in?

David Spooner has: Performed in "The Basil Brush Show" in 1968. Played Franek in "The Silver Sword" in 1971. Performed in "Forever Knight" in 1989. Played Hostage taker in "Forever Knight" in 1989. Played Teamster in "Spenser: A Savage Place" in 1995.

What is show win place for horse racing?

Win, place and show are types of bets. Win is paid to the horse that finishes first. Place is paid to the horses finishing first or second. Show is paid to the horses that finish first, second or third. The money pools for win, place and show aer separate.

Where is spongebobs first show at?

on aplane where else he had to go to his show and he just made a show there when a plane was crashing nine deaths and about 50 people lived man they even made it into a show

What actors and actresses appeared in The Channel Nine Show - 1998?

The cast of The Channel Nine Show - 1998 includes: John Doyle as Roy Slaven Greig Pickhaver as H.G. Nelson Ian Turpie as himself

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