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There should be a slide type switch with color code on it. The blue area is for cooler temps and as you push it to the right into the red, this is for hotter temps. Any way you can send me a picture of your dashboard in the area of your heater controls???

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Do heaters produce heat or use heat?

Heaters use electricity to produce heat by resistance.

What are heaters and coolers?

heaters are there to heat you and coolers are there to cool you

What is the purpose of a heat trap on water heaters?

to keep hot water from backing up into the cold water piping.

Do outdoor electric heaters really help in freezing weather?

Outdoor electric heaters are a Godsend to those who have to be outside in freezing weather. They provide a respite from the cold and depending on the size of the heater and fans that distribute the heat can provide a large area of heat.

What are the advantages of ceramic heaters over other types of heaters?

The advantages of ceramic heaters over other types of heaters are that ceramic heaters are more efficient, so they produce more heat for less money. Ceramic heaters also provide faster heat instead of a warm up time.

What are the benefits of immersion heaters?

Immersion heaters allow you to heat liquids directly. This is more efficient than heating the object that holds the liquid, because the heat must heat the container, then the container must heat the liquid. Other heaters cannot do this because they cannot be submerged into liquids.

Why are heaters important?

Heaters are important because they heat your house and keep you warm. But, are they helpfull in society

Do heaters use materials that have a high or low heat capacity?

heaters use material what have low specific heat capacity as it means they give off heat slower which preserves the heat to last all day

Heated air moves form baseboard heaters to the rest of a room in a process called?

Heat from baseboard heaters mostly move out into a room via ConvectionBaseboard heaters take in cold air near the floor. The heater warms the cold air, making expand, thus it is lighter than the surrounding air. The surrounding cold air sinks and pushes the warm air up and away from the heater. The heater then warms that air. It's a cycle of warm and cold.A small amount of transfer will also occur via "radiation" in a manner much like the heat of the sun moving to the earth. If you place your hand near some baseboard heaters you can actually feel the heat radiating from it without being within the flow of heated air coming off of the heater.

What is the difference between a regular heater and a radiant heater And where can radiant heaters be purchased from?

Radiant heaters heat objects nearby them such as furniture and are usually cheaper. Regular convection heaters actually heat the air temp in the room.

What things conduct heat well?

Conductors and heaters

Why is there no heat inside the car?

because the heaters broken

Do baseboard heaters continue to draw electricity when off?

Answer No, if the current to the baseboard heaters is off they can't run or heat.

what make the best patio heaters, electric, gas or propane heaters?

Propane are the best, they throw out a lot of heat

Are new electric baseboard heaters more economical than those made in the 1970's?

Not really. Baseboard heaters are rated in watts. W = Amps x Volts has not changed since electricity came into being. What has changed are some of the designs of the baseboard heaters. Some heat oil in the baseboard heaters, which dissipate the heat out at a more even heat. On the market now are new types of thrermostats that pulse the baseboard heaters for a more regulated heat rather just turning them on when the thermostat calls for heat and turns them off when the thermostat is satisfied.

How do infrared quartz heaters work?

The infrared quartz heaters have the infrared emitters and they emit infrared rays continuously to heat the heater in the instrument. The heat is generated and infrared emission stops.

How do you bring room temperature down?

You could lower the temperature several ways: a) turn off all heat sources (e.g. heaters, lights, close windows and curtains if it's hot) b) turn on a heat pump on cold c) open the windows if it's cold outside

How long does it take a 50 gallon electric water heater to heat up?

To heat up a tankful of cold water will take about an hour initially. Once it's hot, the heaters will automatically come on when temperature drops a bit .

How do Infrared heaters work?

They work similar to the heat you get from the sun's rays.

What are the disadvantages of solar water heaters?

i think that they would probably not work without the sun and in addition to this i dont think they would make us much heat as the other heaters eg convectional heaters

How much will your electric bill go up using infrared heaters?

If you were not using heaters before, it will go up a lot. Changing to infra-red heaters from other types of electrical heaters will not change the bill much, for the same amount of heat output.

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