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On the original Xbox what is the total capacity of the Hard drive?

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Actually the original xbox has a 10 gig harddrive (formatted to 8 gig) for ripping your music cds into a digital format. It also serves for game saves.

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What are some common sizes for an iPod hard drive?

The original iPod's hard drive capacity was 5GB and 10GB. Future releases saw increases to the capacity the hard drive to accommodate movies, TV shows and apps. Currently, the largest capacity hard drive for an iPod is 160GB, on the iPod Classic.

What is the total capacity of a local disk?

Depends on how big your hard drive is.

What is the total amount of drive space on windows 2000 xp?

The "total amount of drive space" is whatever the capacity of your hard drive(s) is.

Is Hard drive capacity typically measured in gigabytes and terabytes?

Hard drive capacity can be measured in either gigabytes or terabytes. It depends on the amount of capacity it has. Hard drive capacity usually is defined by the largest unit of storage. For example a 2 TB drive usually is not referred to as a 2,000 GB drive.

What is the capacity of a Maxtor 9064503 hard drive?

This was a 6.4 GB hard drive.

The capacity of your hard drive is measured in?


What is the lowest capacity of a hard drive?


Why does your 8 gb ipod touch only have 7.1 gb of available memory once you connect it?

Because when the hard drive is formatted it has less than its original capacity, same as on a PC or Mac hard drive.

Hard drive capacity is measured in?

In older hard drives the capacity would be measured in Megabyte (MB) some of the modern ones are now measured in Gigabyte (GB) and the lastest hard drive capacity is Terabyte (TB).

What is the total capacity of the hard drive in the computer?

depends on the Hard Drive.... if you've got a version of windows goto: My computer right click on the HD in question choose properties on the drop down list you'll see a pie chart of your hard drive listing used/free and total space

What is the highest ATA hard drive capacity?

120 GB is the highest ATA hard drive capacity. There are many models of computers which can handle this capacity. Laptops are designed to handle 120 GB as well.

What is hard drive capacity messured in?

A modern hard drive is measured in Gigabytes (GB) 1GB = 1024MB (Megabytes)

Where do you find the capacity of a hard drive?

The easiest way, on windows, is to open up "my computer" and right-click on your hard drive (usually drive C or D) and select properties. Total, used, and free space is displayed with a pie chart.

What is a large capacity magnetic storage medium?

A hard drive.

What is the capacity of your hard drive measured in?

Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabytes.

Can you increase the capacity of a hard drive by flashing it with new firmware?


What is the hard drive capacity for Gateway ZX6961 - A?


What is better external hard drive or portable hard drive?

External because they can hold as much capacity than portable one's.

What is the drive capacity of the Surface pro 4 hard drive?

matters what version it is .... it is usually 102

What is the meaning of capacity on computer?

normally used in reference to "storage capacity" (i.e., the size of your hard drive)

What is the hard drive maximum memory?

Technology is ongoing and there is no theoretical limit for hard drive capacity however at present the largest hard drive available to consumers is Western Digital's 2TB Caviar Green drive.

How can you remove the expired trial version from the hard disk?

capacity type and speed of the hard drive

What is the hard drive capacity of Gateway ZX6961 - b?


Do original Xbox games work with the Xbox 360?

Only if you have a hard drive. Otherwise they will not work without a hard drive.

What is a TB external hard drive?

A TB external hard drive means that the storage capacity of the particular hard drive is equal to 1 TB or terabyte. A terabyte is equal to 1,000 gigabytes or GB.