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the oracle is in the second door .

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The oracle on time tangled is to the right over the wall, but you have to get the treasure first.

The oracle is in the building on the hill on Time Tangled Island.

You don't have to. You go up the hill and your behind the wall.

Time Tangled Island, the third island of Poptropica, was released in July 2008.

to get the oracle in poptropica u go 2 the 1st option on your time device then enter the temple and u will see the oracle

Time Tangled Island was the 3rd island in Poptropica and debuted in 2007, and was originally called Time Twisted Island.

Yes, she tells you something important about where something is hidden....hint: find the vase and shell answer your question.

The answer is Time Tangled Island.

no. there is not a sub in poptropica

it is in time tangled island in 1882!

they are in 1519ad on time tangled island

fisrst you have to get the compus from the person that is supposed to be you on poptropica time tangled.then you will find out how to do it from there.

in time tangled at the very end of the island

In the time tangled quest on the chiniase town.

you do not give the vase to the oracle you give it to the guards right where you come in

he is in Time Tangled island in the time 1877 A.D.

Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island. Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island.

The barrel of explosives on time tangled is on the left of the Great Wall of China.