On touch pets how do you earn money?

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Feed your pet and give him or her love.have him fetch something I don't know I have the same exact problem
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How do you earn money?

You can earn money by working or making investments with money. . Earning money is by using your services or financial funds as your investment or capital. Investment can make your money increase by earning interest. It is known as the asset side of balance sheet while the capital can be found in ( Full Answer )

How much do pet sitters earn?

I would advise against any child under the age of 18 from doingthis line of work. All pet sitters need public liability insurance, business licenseand pet first aid and CPR knowledge at minimum. It takes more thanjust a love of animals to be able to properly care for otherpeoples' pets (and propert ( Full Answer )

How much money does a theologian earn?

they earn good amount depending on where you are located. for instance you can go teach at a university or college. i would have to say they earn about $80k.

How much money does a architech earns?

According to statistics, the average architect in the United Statesmake about $73,090 annually. However, it generally depends on wherethe architect lives and what company he or she works for.

Can you touch a pet turtle?

Yes. It's ok to touch their shell. The turtle will probably pull in his head, feet & tail. Those are harder to touch. Just be sure to wash your hands with soap after you play with it.

Where can you earn money?

Anyone can earn money anywhere, anytime as long as they are willing to work harder than their competition.

How can you earn more coins in pet society?

hey there, if u want to earn money fast u should grow many trees and sell the fruits on the trees.(u can regrow them over and over again) or... u could make more than one account and send all the things to ur main account. HOPE THIS HELPED U EARN MONEY FASTER!!!!!!!!!!

How do you earn money on mara pets?

\nyou can make money on marapets by doing quests and by that you get money also by going to school getting the right qualifications and getting a job, or by going on auctions and selling some of your things, or selling things in your shop by lower prices so people will pick your things!=]

On your virtual pets how do you earn rocket points?

To earn Rocket points on Your Virtual Pets.com, you play the games. Depending on how high your score is, the more rocket points you get. Did I help you? Or are you still confused? I'll help you with any more questions. . Happy Playing, Jenna . (known as Kelsi on Your Virtual Pets.com) .

Neo pets how do you earn points fast?

You should play Habitorium, every time you level up you get lots op neo points. It's O.K you can just open another tab and do other things while its playing. This is what you do. Get everything they need Storage house food and something to keep them awake. You can leave it there just keep checking i ( Full Answer )

Why you earn money?

to hav allot of it . my personal thoughts about earning it are that i wanna be a richest person of the world after that in which country i will live nobody will be fasting there day n night just due to poverty n nobody will ATTEMPT a suicide just for this reason that is give up against povertythe re ( Full Answer )

How do you earn extra money on sims ipod touch?

Go fishing for as much fish as possible then go to the store and click on each fish there and you know how it has plus and minus, well just click minus for as much fish you have.

How to earn money big money?

Work, extra jobs , extra hours , develop skills that can get youhigher paid work

What is touch pet dogs?

touch pets dogs is a game that u can play on the ipad iphone or ipod touch. u take care of dogs and give them a career. it is a fun game!

How much do you earn for pet sitting?

As this question is in "jobs for pre-teens" I would highly recommend that any pre-teen or anyone who is a minor to stay away from pet sitting. For more information on what it takes to be a professional pet sitter (thus the reason why pre-teens or anyone who is a minor should NOT do pet sitting) or ( Full Answer )

How can you earn the money to buy an iPod touch in one month?

It depends on how much you start out with. Assuming you are going for the least expensive iPod Touch, the best thing to do is to mow people's lawns. If it is winter in your area, then you are almost out of luck. If it is summer in your area, you are in luck.

What to do after your touch pet falls in love?

nothing your dog/cat can NOT have babbies (well that i have heard) you juts need to see the girlfriend/boyfriend every day and make it happy i hope it helped :)

How much money does a plumper earn?

A plumers weekly rate depends if there are employed by a company or get there own work. On average though they get about £800-1500 a week. Hope this helps

How do you earn a lot of money on Gaia?

you could try searching rich quick and then type anything and you will get 75 g at first (approx) then you will get 50 g or more every time you post :)

How do people in Georgia earn money?

There's a fairly strong tech industry in Atlanta. Of course, just like everywhere else, there are also law firms, police and fire departments, military bases, hospitals, gas stations, night clubs, and restaurants that need people around to keep them running.

How do you earn money faster on WeeWorld?

You can get money faster on weeworld buy watching ads instead of closing out of them. The thing is, you don't have to watch them, just scroll down and turn off your volume. Simple! It gets you 4 green points only though, but ads pop up a lot, so you can earn a lot. Another way to earn money fast is ( Full Answer )

How do you get money on pet pet park?

find a game and play it! :) Or You Can Also Do Jobs also known as quests around the park. :D The anwser just now was nothing, so the real anwser is= Go to Jiggybug Lagoon Fish for JiggyBug Fishes Exchange them for money to Crikee, in the Park Station 10 JiggyBug Fishes are 100 coins so if u ( Full Answer )

How can you earn money?

There are many ways to earn money. The most basic one is to get ajob. You can also earn money by starting a business. You can earn money by selling things, either your own items,something you make, or by getting a job as a salesperson. Or youcan earn money by providing a service such as babysitting ( Full Answer )

How do you get your dogs to romance on touch pets?

You must have of friends, Heres the step by step: 1. Gets lots of friends 2. Find an opposite gender than your dog you want to romance in touch pets 3. Wait if it doesn't work redo step 2 with a different friend's dog 4. Your dog will have a romance eventually Thanks! The End

How do you log out of touch pets on iPad?

On the touch pets dogs or cats, you go to the neighborhood (first click on the icon that looks like a globe, then the one that looks like a bunch of houses), then at the top right, click a box that says plus. After you click the box, scroll down and you'll see a button that says log out, click that. ( Full Answer )

How do you breed dogs on touch pets?

You can't. So far you can only have romance. Not breed. IDK why, maybe they don't know what to do with mixed breeds. sources: A player of touch pets myself

How do you earn money on pet party?

It is simple! You just visit your friends and complete easy missions! But if you do not have any missions or friends, get some stuff from your house and sell them Also u can spin the wheel of fortune u get loads of money And stuff

How do your touch pets cats have babies?

You have to have them living in the same house then when they have a high relationship get a bed then order them to have kittens

Is money required for earning more money?

To have "more" implies that you have some in the first place, so on that basis the answer would be yes. You can of course start earning money from a point of having none, so on that basis you could say no.

Can you touch an elf pet?

This is not recommended.. Touching an elf can have dire consequences, regardless of the type of elf. According to The Elf on the Shelf, A Christmas Tradition , elves may lose their magic if touched by a human. This can be a benefit to naughty children, as they would then be unable to report back t ( Full Answer )

How do I earn money?

You can do many things to earn money. Such as doing chores for yourfamily or trying to earn money a fun way, like selling candy at aschool.