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On what basis are IP numbers allocated?

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2011-09-13 12:43:42

If your question is about ip address allocation by isp:

whenever a user connect to the isp's network, from a specified

range, its server allocates a dynamic ip address mostly or it can

be static. if it is static, then the user will have the same ip

address for a very long time (based on the deal). But if it is

dynamic then it means it will change after some time or upon


now the if your question is about your LAN (at work etc):

a computer again can have a fixed ip address assigned by the

administrator or dhcp server can give your PC an ip address upon

start. You may retain the same ip address for some days if such

permission has been granted by the admin.

IP addresses in LAN are normally not public addresses and

therefore the range may not matter as long as it is in the same

network segment.

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