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The Kelvin scale, in which water freezes at 273.15K. The word and symbol for degree is not used.

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On what scale does water freeze at 273 degrees?

Water freezes at 273 on the Kelvin scale. To covert Kelvin to Celsius, you subtract 273 from the Kelvin number, so 273 Kelvin is equal to 0 degrees Celsius, the freezing point of water.

What temperature Kelvin does water freeze at?

273 degrees

What is the temperature scale where water freezes at 273?

On Kelvin scale water freezes at 273K.

Which temperature scale was used of water froze at 273 degrees?

The absolute (Kelvin) scale.

What temprture does water freeze at?

Zero degrees celsius (273 Kelvin)

The freezing point of water on the Kelvin scale?

273 kelvins.

What is the melting point of water on the kelvin scale?

273 K

On what scale is the freezing point of water 273 degrees?


What are the temperatures for freezing water on the Kelvin temperature scale?

273 k

Does the water freeze when the temperature in it is 32?

Yes, water freeze at 32 0F (on the obsolete Fahrenheit scale).

The boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale?

The boiling point of water in Celsius is 100 degrees. To find Kelvin : oC + 273 = Kelvin 100 + 273 = 373 The boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale is 373 Kelvin.

On what scale does water freeze at 0 degrees?


At what temperature on a Fahrenheit Scale does the water freeze?

32 oF.

At what degree does water freeze on the celsius scale?


What temperature does water freeze on the Fahrenheit scale?


What temperature on Fahrenheit scale does water freeze?


In Fahrenheit scale what does water freeze at?

Water freezes at 32ºF or 0ºC

What happens to water at a temperature of 273 kelvin?

Water freezes at 273 degrees Kelvin. This is based on a scale where zero degrees Kelvin is known as absolute zero.

When does water freeze on the kelvin scale?

Pure water, at the pressure of 1 atmosphere will freeze at 273.15 K.

On the celsius scale at what temperature does water freeze?

Zero degrees.

What temperature does water boil on the Kelvin scale?

At normal atmospheric pressure 273 K.

How cold must it be to freeze water?

0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 273 Kelvin

On the Celsius scale what temperature does water freeze at?

Water freezes at 0 degree C.

Can water boil at 273 Kelvin?

No, water would freeze at 273K. It equates to 31.73 degrees Fahrenheit or -0.15 degrees Celsius.

On what scale does all molecular motion stop at -273?